A Week of Magickal Energy


Every day of the week has an astrological connection, as well as corresponding energies with specific plants, stones, colors, etc. The magic involves becoming aware of these energies and correspondences and learning how to use them to manifest positive change in our lives. Monday’s energy is pure goddess magick, centering around the feminine, the third eye (brow) chakra, divination, second sight, and those issues keyed to this energy.

Planet: Moon

Color: silver, blue, gray

Herbs: bladderwrack, calamus, camellia, clematis, club moss, dulse, gardenia, grape, passion flower, jasmine, lily, lotus, moonflower, moonwort, myrrh, poppy, sandalwood, willow

Stones: aquamarine, chalcedony moonstone, mother-of-pearl, sapphire, quartz (clear)

Element: Water

Energies: magick for the goddess, healing, visions, dreams, intuition, divination, clairvoyance, women’s issues, motherhood, fertility

Today’s Magick: a healing candle for women with gynecological issues. Clear a special place on the kitchen table, your coffee-table, or a shelf. Set up a blue candle, surrounding it with at least one of the herbs or flowers from the list above. Place several corresponding stones around the base. Clear your mind of everyday chatter, focus on your intentions, and light the candle. Welcome the healing energy.


Tuesday’s energy is powerful no-nonsense, in-your-face, getter’ done energy. If there are issues in your life that you need the courage to resolve, this is the day to work on it. If you want and need to set specific goals for your life so that you can progress, tap into the energy of Mars.

Planet: Mars

Color: orange

Herbs: allspice, basil, blood root, cactus, chili pepper, dragon’s blood, garlic, ginger, holly, horseradish, mustard, nettle, onion, pepper, pine, radish, snapdragon, thistle, tobacco, wormwood

Stones: bloodstone, garnet, jasper (red), ruby, tourmaline (red)

Element: Fire

Energies: defensive magick, regaining lost territory, assertion, resolving disagreement, successfully handling disruption, goals

Today’s Magick: Setting goals and drawing in the energy needed to achieve them. You’ll prepare a space to set up a candle, as well as herbs/flowers and stones from the list above. Your candle for today will be orange. Sit down in a quiet spot and write down your goals, listing them by priority. Take some time to really think about these goals, and take some time to daydream about them, imagining that you’ve already achieved your aspirations. Fold this paper into a small square and place it beneath the orange candle. Clear your mind of everyday chatter, focus on your intentions, and light the candle.


Wednesday’s energy is my favorite; it’s all about communication and creativity. This is the perfect day to work on opening paths of communication that have been blocked and beginning new creative ventures. The energy of Mercury will inspire your muse on Wednesday, and your level of creativity will rise to new heights.

Planet: Mercury

Color: silver, yellow

Herbs: almond, bracken, caraway, clover, dill, fennel, flax, lavender, lemongrass, mandrake, marjoram, mint, papyrus, parley, pistachio, senna, slippery elm, wax plant

Stones: agate, jasper (mottled), citrine, topaz (yellow), amber

Element: Air

Energies: creativity– writing, painting, sculpting, music, etc.; creativity, mental issues, learning energy, summoning spirits

Today’s Magick: Use the energy of Mercury to open the lines of communication by reconnecting with someone you’ve lost contact with, or by mending fences with someone you’ve had a falling out with. Prepare your writing area as though it’s sacred space. Set up a yellow candle with some of the herbs and stones from the list above. Write the name of the individual you wish to reconnect or reconcile with on a small piece of paper, and place this beneath the candle. Clear your mind of everyday chatter, focus on your intentions, and light the candle. Sit down, with pen and paper, and allow your thoughts and feelings to come through with sincerity. Let the spirit move you.


Thursday’s energy hones in on the nitty-gritty of our material life and all the circumstances surrounding it that allow us to be successful, to live comfortably, to be productive members of our society. Connections to the judicial system are highlighted, as well as energy for growth on a number of levels.

Planet: Jupiter

Color: purple

Herbs: anise, borage, cinquefoil, clove, dandelion, dill, fig, honeysuckle, hyssop, liverwort, maple, meadowsweet, mint, nutmeg, patchouli, sage, star anise

Stones: aventurine, amethyst, mystic topaz, jasper (brown), peridot, malachite, tourmaline (green)

Element: Earth

Energies: magick for expansion and growth, money and legal issues, employment, abundance, material opportunities

Today’s Magick: Finding employment has become an issue for so many people during this time of economic instability. Thursday’s energy is absolutely perfect for zeroing in on this issue and moving things along with magickal momentum. Prepare a special place for a purple candle, surrounding it with some of the flowers, herbs, and stones from the list above. Sit down with paper and pen in a quiet spot and write down exactly what kind of job you want, what kind of work you’d like to do, your employment ‘wish-list’. Clear your mind of everyday chatter. Focus on your intentions, and light the candle. Set the sheet of paper on fire by the light of this flame and drop it into a fireproof container, allowing it to burn to ash. Take these ashes outdoors and release them to the wind, sending your energy out into the universe.


Friday’s energy is all about relationships. Not only is the planetary aspect for today centered around Venus, the spiritual energy is connected strongly to this deity as well. This is the perfect day to focus on bringing love into your life, strengthening the relationship you already have, or healing a relationship that’s suffered some wear and tear.

Planet: Venus Color: pink, green

Herbs: African violet, apple, apricot, aster, barley, birch, bleeding heart, cardamom, catnip, columbine, crocus, cyclamen, foxglove, geranium, goldenrod, heather, hibiscus, hyacinth, iris, larkspur, lilac, magnolia, willow

Stones: blue lace agate, moonstone, selenite, crystal quartz, chalcedony, rose quartz

Element: Water

Energies: magick for love and romance, sex, lust, passion, fidelity, beauty, resolving relationship issues, friendship

Today’s Magick: If the subject of fidelity is an issue in your marriage or relationship, you’ll want to prepare a green candle for today’s magick. Oil this candle lightly and roll it in nutmeg. Create your sacred space as usual, placing the candle in the center and surrounding it with flowers, herbs, and stones from the list above. Place a small slip of paper beneath the candle with the name of your partner written upon it. Clear your mind of daily chatter, focus your intentions, and light the candle. Sit down near it with paper and pen, and write a heartfelt letter to your partner: What do you want from this relationship, what are you willing to do to heal it. Express your deepest feelings. When you’re finished writing, touch this letter to the flame of the candle and drop it into a fireproof container to burn to ash. When everything has cooled, add the ashes, the wax from the candle, and a photo of your partner to a small green bag. Keep this charm in a safe place, where it won’t be disturbed.


Saturday’s energy is on the dark side. It’s all about protection, the courage to stand up for yourself, and the idea of banishing people or circumstances that are holding you back and blighting your life. Saturday’s energy, quite frankly, hangs on the fringe and embraces gray magick.

Planet: Saturn

Color: black

Herbs: amaranth, beet, belladonna, boneset, comfrey, fumitory, hellebore, hemlock, hemp, ivy, knot weed, mimosa, morning glory, mullein, quince, skullcap, slippery elm, tamarisk, wolf’s bane

Stones: jet, onyx, apache tear, obsidian, tourmaline (black), coal, hematite

Element: Earth, Fire

Energies: protection, hexing/cursing, retribution, dark magick, revealing truth

Today’s Magick: Banishing that which is holding you back, whether it be a set of circumstances, an individual, or a group of people. Oil a black candle and roll it in ground cloves. On a slip of paper describe the circumstances you want dismissed; a specific individual that you no longer want in your life; or a group of people (an organization) which is causing you problems. Place this paper beneath the candle. Clear your mind of everyday chatter, focus on your intentions, and light the candle. When it has burned down, gather the candle wax and any remains from this spell. Place it all in a small black bag and dispose of it in some remote spot that is a fair distance from your property. You may want to scatter the remnants in to the wind, or toss them into moving water.


Sunday’s energy is a contradiction, both soothing and healing, as well as powerful and overwhelming, geared to the god. Just as the planetary association is the Sun, brilliant and relentless, cleansing and nurturing, so is the energy you will call upon this day for healing, major life transitions, and spiritual revelations.

Planet: Sun

Color: yellow, gold

Herbs: angelica, bay, carnation, cedar, chamomile, eyebright, frankincense, ginseng goldenseal, juniper, marigold mistletoe, peony pineapple, rosemary, St. John’s Wort, sandalwood, sunflower, tea, witch hazel

Stones: amber, carnelian, diamond, sunstone, tiger’s-eye, topaz (yellow)

Element: Fire

Energies: magick for the god, male health issues, passion, healing, spiritual connection, transformation, relationship issues

Today’s Magick: Take advantage of Sunday’s energy for healing, healing of body, mind, and spirit. Clear an area and prepare a sacred space for your yellow candle, surrounding it with herbs and stones from the list above. On a small piece of paper write down exactly what type of healing you seek. Fold this paper into a small square and place it beneath the candle. Clear your mind of everyday chatter, focus on your intentions, and light the candle. Once it has burned down, add the candle wax, the paper, and some of the herbs and stones to a small green bag. Either keep this bag in a safe spot in your home, or bury this bag on your property.

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  1. daniela says:

    hello. Excellent page. Congratulations. It is important at what time do you? Or must necessarily to midnight?

  2. Vera Petrova says:

    It’s a magic and wonderful post, I love and I will post it on my blog if you authorize me, I’m anxious to know your response, a lot of blessings and kisses

    1. I don’t authorize copy/pasting my blog posts to other sites; but you can certainly post a link back to this blog page. Thanks, Vera.

  3. Tamara says:

    Wonderful post! Strange….after I read today’s magickal energy I realized how it true it was for me already. lol I’ve cut back some herbs, picked tomatos, played my guitar, posted one of my poems on my blog, wrote a letter and sent a text off to someone I hadn’t heard from in a while. Funny how all this communicating and artistic energy so far today that has occured and I hadn’t even read your post yet. lol Love it! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tamara, I think it’s just the natural energy of the planets and the days that manipulate our actions and the energies around us– I find it strange and fascinating.

      By the way, I made a visit to your blog, and I absolutely love it! What a beautiful blog. I’ll be adding it to my list of ‘Links to Share’…thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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