Prehnite: My Stone of Choice

I was browsing through “The Crystal Healer: crystal prescriptions that will change your life forever” looking for a stone that would compliment the energies I’m dealing with in my life at the moment, a stone that would enhance any natural gifts and give me a leg up on any health issues, a stone that would enhance any chances for opportunities coming my way, and a stone that I would feel a natural connection with.  After browsing this book, my choice was “Prehnite”.

Prehnite’s energies include: the incredible energy of unconditional love; the enhancement of inner knowledge (intuition); it helps you with spiritual growth and the direction of your destiny; and helps you to recognize the truth.  Physically, prehnite assists in finding the root cause of an illness.  Healers use prehnite for issues of the kidneys and bladder, the thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs.

I managed to find a necklace (made with prehnite, jade, and hematite), a prehnite bracelet, and a prehnite ring on Ebay, each one from a different source, all three of them lovely and magickal.  The necklace carries additional energies because it is crafted with additional stones:

Jade:  just as prehnite enhances issues of the heart and unconditional love, so jade is another stone of the heart, traditionally used in the orient as an engagement stone; it’s a stone that enhances fidelity.  Physically, jade is used for healing lung and heart problems; the immune system; and nervous issues.

Hematite:  this stone is very grounding, strongly connected with the element of Earth; it enhances mental organization and rationality; calms nervous or flighty tendencies; enhances original thinking and logical thought processes; banishes negative energy and helps balance the body, mind, and spirit.  Physically, hematite is used to reduce fevers or treat heat exhaustion; to cure blood disorders, nervous issues, and insomnia; it helps to align the spine and minimize spinal issues.

4 thoughts on “Prehnite: My Stone of Choice

  1. That is the third time in a week that prehnite has been mentioned, so I shall have to raid my friends jewelery stash – she is a dealer of silver gem jewelery – and find myself something 🙂

  2. Prehnite is a magickal stone- Enjoy it! Its one of my favorite, i see your bracelet has some inclusions in it, it could be epidote which i found in my prehnite beads- which would enhance the properties of the prehnite even further! YAY I also just a couple weeks ago was drawn to a prehnite bracelet which has become a favorite of mine!! YAY!

    Ps- your Goddess necklace is absolutely stunning! ❤

    • Thanks, Katie– I wear that necklace more than anything else. I love the color of the prehnite, it’s right down my alley (shades of green); and I always love it when synchronistic events shine– we both must have been drawn to this stone for a very special and magickal reason. 🙂

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