Ironhorse Food & Spirits: Haunted Restaurant

Last month, along with a gifted group of ladies, I did tarot readings at the Ironhorse Food & Spirits in Hooper, Nebraska.  It’s said that this 100 year-old building is haunted, and the restaurant was filled that evening with very excited people relating their personal experiences.  Although we didn’t observe any earth-shattering paranormal activity on the night we were there, we all agreed that the atmosphere was incredible, and this was a fantastic place to do readings.  Just a week before we were here, a national paranormal investigative team taped a segment for their show on the Ironhorse and its haunted history, which aired on Fox network.  KPTM tv also did a segment on the hauntings at the Ironhorse (click Here). 


Aside for all the paranormal hoop-la, which certainly adds to the appeal of this place, we were delighted to discover the other wonderful mundane aspects of the Ironhorse– the food!  My girls and I had a chance to eat before the festivities began, and the food is, without a doubt, delicious!  My daughters chose pizza and cheese sticks, while I had a childhood favorite– a hot beef sandwich.  I hadn’t tasted a good (*really* good) hot beef sandwich since the ones I remember from my childhood at a little restaurant up in South Dakota.  I was in for a pleasant surprise– it looks like a heart attack waiting to happen, and this usually translates to Good Food, sad but true.

We finished eating just before the evening rush began, and it was quite impressive for an establishment in such a small community.  People were coming from Omaha to pack the place.  When we began doing readings, it was non-stop from 6pm-11pm.  The clientele didn’t seem to mind waiting their turn.  They packed the tables; conversation was loud and lively, and of course…the “spirits” flowed (not the paranormal kind).  It was a good time to be had by all.

I love vintage buildings, and I took advantage of the afternoon to get a few photos:

3 thoughts on “Ironhorse Food & Spirits: Haunted Restaurant

  1. It sounds as though you had a lot of fun (not to mention good food) that night, and what great, atmospheric photos! Thanks for taking and sharing them. And – if you’re like me – giving readings is one of your favorite things in life! No doubt an all-round neat experience. 🙂

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