Moon Books Blog: Manifestation of Desire

 “You see him; you want him; you make a conscious decision to get him…does this violate the “Harm None” creed of the Wiccan Rede? Does this violate your personal ethics?  What about the target’s free will?  I can hear these questions reverberating through the universe…”

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  1. Oops, link doesn’t work 😦

    1. Link all fixed!…thanks, Lisa! 🙂

      1. Woot! 🙂 Commented there directly, and I must agree that a male recipient (victim?) would rather like this hehe! Ladies, be careful! 😉

        1. I didn’t see your direct reply. It doesn’t seem to be showing up there for some reason…but glad you liked the post! “Woot” is good 🙂

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