When did you first know you were a witch?

 I knew that there was something ‘different’ about me before I was old enough to know that there was a name for it. One of the earliest magickal experiences that I remember took place when I was about four years old, hidden in the cool shade of a grove of trees on a terraced hillside at my grandmother’s farm.

The day was very hot, but beneath the canopy created by the large grove of trees that covered the hillside, it was very cool; and I squatted on one of the wide terraced ‘steps’, beneath a tree that had small round leaves lining it’s branches. I took hold of one of the small new twigs at the base of the tree; and I slid my hand along it’s length, filling my palm with the cool green leaves.

As my head was bent and I was examining these leaves, I heard a noise. I looked to my right, through the fence lining this edge of the grove, into the world of brilliant hot sunshine, to see a large white cow grazing in the field beside me, only a few feet away.

The wind came then, through the tops of the trees. I froze as I listened to it, the roar starting at the opposite end of the grove and working it’s way through the tree tops towards me, till it was directly overhead. I realized that this wind sounded like voices, voices that seemed to come directly from the trees.

It was then that a realization dawned on me, leaving an indelible print so strong that this memory is still starkly vivid to me fifty years later. It was a realization that I was too young to form into words…but I knew.

This blog post is an excerpt from my online book,
“Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way”

© Amythyst Raine 2011

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7 thoughts on “When did you first know you were a witch?

  1. When did you first know you were a witch?
    My name is Madame Victoria, 63 years of age, and have earned my title in more ways than one. I have decided however, to share with you a few incidences, even though I do not your background, but one never knows do they??
    My great great grandmother, Edna, was born in the year 1881, and left this world in 1962. Instilled in me to this day are her strong Victorian values, which were instilled in my grandmother Doris, who was born in 1904, and my mother Betty, born in 1923. I have and respect those values and I also was handed down the other, which was never to be spoken of.
    During the evening of one of my childhood memories, I was awakened by a presence and I described it to my mother the next morning, I did not feel fear of this person. My great great-grandmother Edna, stayed with us many times, sleeping in the same room with me, and one evening, and I was too young to differentiate what a ghost was or not, I had a specter wake me up. He was tall, and at the time I did not understand the interpretation being very young, he stood before my bed very still, dressed in robes as a Chinese priest would do, long bellbottomed sleeves, long cloak, and the sleeves, I remember as if it were yesterday, were ric- racked in bold colors as red ,blues, and greens, he stood still over my bed, with this silver like cloak, and a hat which seemed very Oriental, but at time I did not understand,, I do now,,,,I was not scared, as I felt a sort of peace. This spectral never uttered a word, yet bent down over me in my bed, but yet I knew something was to happen…
    My great great grandmother Edna, passed away in the year 1962, as I was with her, her hands on me telling me I knew things,,, I did not understand,,, she was buried on my birthday February 6th 1962 when I turned just 12, the whole family apologized forever on this but I was OK, at peace. I remember the service in the afternoon in the Tulare California Cemetery, open coffin, as I felt her presence, very strongly.
    The year, 1981, I attended the wake, a special service after the death of my fiancé, who had just passed away, at 33 years of age, of congenital heart failure, that was not diagnosed. The group I ran with at the time was very much enamored with ghosts and spirits, which were very popular at the time. We did engage in different rituals, and as always, I seemed to know the most people’s futures, it just comes naturally, and I became popular at that time as a fortune teller of sorts.… After the funeral, we returned to my best friend Donna, the sister, of my fiancée, the deceased, and this is when all this happened, during the ceremony.
    Donna had hired a professional medium for the séance to bring him back, I totally agreed, as we were to be betrothed within the next three months, and I needed to see him again. As he was only in the grave a few days, and was buried with many pictures of me, the two of us together, in his pocket, the ceremony started and something very strong yet not frightening to me materialized. Only one other person claims they saw the misty shadow, there were maybe twelve or fifteen people attending, but I was the one targeted, and like a zipper running down my back, whatever happened, entered my body. I could feel the entity slipping into my arms first, torso second, and then legs, as if trying on a suit, it was not mean, or horrible, accept I did pass out. To the horror of the medium, as an incident had never happened like this before to her, she panicked. I kept hearing her yelling for salt and a cross, she threw salt on me, and put the cross on my forehead, which I refer to being a different feeling I have never felt before. He was there, three days in the grave, and I was sitting on his lap, and the other mist in the background,, that evening changed me forever. I do not believe in the cross, so I do not know why the medium chose that avenue for me.
    I am glad, because I can see right through most people, can predict uncanny things that happen. My daughter’s father in law, Chris, was diagnosed with cancer, when I touched him, I told the family all was wrong, they all thought me crazy, when they found out it was s the wrong test, and he did not have cancer. I can feel if someone is sick, it is so natural, whatever entered me has not left. I am not rich, and have many problems myself, but whatever it is still here, and I still see other specters occasionally. The two new ones are the twins, and they are here in my house constantly. I do not fear ghosts as why? they are here inquiring as we do, the other way around; it is best, actually to get along with them, see what they wish..
    If I do readings to this day, always the glass where the candle is contained shatters, this is common, not to mention a bunch of other things… I truly feel things, I have no friends, I have alienated myself, people steer clear, but I am OK with that. My husband, and on occasion wishes to be amused with shattering dishes especially.
    I do many readings, not too much Tarot, although I can easily, but it is not my poison of choice. I like another way, it is different, and I do like Psychometry or token-object reading, a form of extra-sensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history like a ring or watch of the deceased, by making physical contact with that object. Supporters assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding that object’s history, and I believe it too. I have much success with old photographs of the deceased, and after a funeral, I can tell if the person was male or female by standing over the grave.
    As I get older it is stronger, I do many things that are uncanny to some, but mostly for the betterment of all. I wish to heal, which I do, and it is easy, mostly with people who have pain in their legs or feet or head. I have gotten rid of psoriasis, and other miserable infirmities, but I have not all the way funneled my energies, as I am distracted by life.
    If I was to be locked up, and not disturbed, I could do much; my problem is too many distractions, and I have problems concentrating. My goal with this energy is to heal, and now that I am retired, from what I do not know or care, but I wish to heal…

  2. I love your book. I enthusiastically recommend it for anyone beginning their journey as I am. Your books just resonate with me, I feel like, “wow this is what it’s all about, things make a lot more sense now.” Thanks Amethyst!!!

      • I guess it will depend on which pantheon of which you are referring. For the Irish pantheon, that would be Boann (i.e. the Goddess of the White Cow and also the Goddess of the Boyne River which was near Newgrange). In the Egyptian pantheon, That would be Hesat, which is Hathor as the white cow, and was Ra’s wife. The Milky Way (i.e. sky river of milk) is also part of this legend.

        • Thanks for the info, Lisa– It seemed symbolic at the time, and it still does, since I vividly remember the white cow– she was *really* close to me, just on the other side of the fence, out in the open.

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