Tarot Card for the Day…

10/pentacles (Reversed)…the golden coins are falling away for someone, floating to the ground like huge soap bubbles going to pop when they hit bottom.  If it’s you this card is for, you’re involved with a family situation, perhaps multi-generational.  You’re trying to conduct business without every member of your household being in on it, and this is where the trouble might lay.  The idea of ‘co-conspiracy’ comes to mind, but also the idea of someone who feels left out, perhaps threatened in some way by all the secrecy they feel going on around them, paranoia and suspicion also come into play with this scenario.  Of two people involved in this situation, one carries the value of honesty and loyalty, and the other does not– know this and work from there.  Money can be such a sticky subject, even among family, and sometimes especially among family.


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