Tarot: Lesson 1

The following is the an introductory lesson in a series of online tarot lessons that can be purchased at my website:
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Lesson 1: A Card A Day

This exercise is going to go a bit deeper than merely choosing one card and jotting down your interpretations. We’re not going to leave it at that. We’re going to take this card apart, looking at it from levels unthought-of and through aspects not usually brought out in most tarot classes.

To begin, pick your card. You can shuffle your deck and cut the deck, choosing a card any way you want to. You can spread them out in a big messy pool, back sides up, and choose a card this way if you wish. Just find one card, one card that you select out of the entire deck.

1. In your notebook, write down the name of this card.

2. Is this card a major arcana or one of the suits?

If this is one of the suits, write down which element and season it is associated with. (Refer to page 35 in my tarot book.)

If this is one of the major arcana, write down which astrological sign and element this card is associated with. (Refer to page 171 in my book.)

Write down the number associated with this card. If the card has a two digit number, add the numbers together, and keep doing so, until you get a one digit number. Write down the numerological meaning for the number you arrived at.

(Page 189)

3. Read the traditional meaning for the card that you drew.

If it’s a major arcana card, see page 12. For a more detailed version, turn to page 13.

If it’s a card from one of the suits, Ace-10, see page 38; for court cards, turn to page 64.

4. Now put my book down and pick up your card.

Relax, take a deep breath, ground and center yourself if you know how to do this and if you feel the need. Look at this card, not in a rushed or expectant way, but in a contemplative mood. Allow your mind to be open, and allow your mind to wander. Pay attention to what you mentally ‘see’ and feel, pay attention to impressions that are coming to you. Take your time, all the time you need.

When you are ready, write down…

a) The first thought that came to you when you looked at the card. Include details, as much detail as you can. Did this thought involve a scenario or a stagnant scene? Were there characters or animals? Objects or locations?

b) The first person you thought of when you looked at this card. Is it someone you are close to, or at odds with? Is it a living person, or someone who is deceased?

c) What color came to mind? What do you associate with this color?…including people, places, objects, memories, feelings.

d) Did a memory come to mind when you viewed this card? If so, is it pleasant, or unpleasant? Does it include people you are still in contact with now, or people who have passed? Does it include particular animals, objects, a specific time period?

If so, write it down– in detail.

e) Write down any and all random impressions. This includes impressions and details that you might feel make no sense, at least not at the moment. Write down how you feel about the card, and what emotions surfaced.

5. If you have any dreams on the first night after viewing this card. Write this dream down in your tarot journal– in as much detail as you can recall.


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The textbook used for these tarot classes is:
“Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”

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