Tarot Card of the Day: The High Priestess

Deck: Celtic Druid Tarot
The High Priestess (R)

Someone is draining you of your energy right now. (This priestess is standing on her head.) You might find yourself in some sort of crazy balancing act, trying to juggle various aspects of your life all at the same time. Someone (or “someones”– meaning more than one individual) is sapping you by making constant demands, demands of your time, your energy, your usually laid back personality. You’re going to have to put that dainty foot down and put a grinding stop to this, before you lose all your strength, all your power, and any other advantages you might still have.

Also…if you’ve lost a cat (or dog, etc), you’re going to find this animal very soon– they didn’t go as far as you think they did, wiley little creatures; your best time to perform a ritual or to cast a spell in the near future will be during the waxing moon– apparently you’re trying to bring something into your life, don’t waste this energy; to someone out there– don’t be afraid to touch the book, open it up, read and learn, it’s not going to bite; there is the idea of someone caught between a rock and a hard place– look within, you’re smarter, craftier, and more durable than you think you are, there is a way out, you just might have to get uncharacteristically tough to follow it; to all women everywhere– Embrace the Goddess within, don’t be afraid of the power you find and feel there, it’s your heritage, it’s your birthright, run with it…

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