Magickal Accidents: The “Oops” Factor

Sometimes our magickal endeavors don’t always work the way they’re suppose to.  Sometimes we mess up and get a whole lot of scattered energy running amok with all kinds of consequences, both for us and our targets, and sometimes even innocent bystanders.  I’ve heard over and over again, “Never do magick when you’re angry”, but at the same time, “Cast your spell while you’re all revved up emotionally, in the heat of the moment, because this is when you are the strongest and your magick will be most successful.”  You hear lots of things, honestly, and sometimes I don’t know whether it’s good to take all this in, or whether it’s best to follow your own instincts.  I guess it depends on how serious a situation is that you would want to cast a spell to change it; or how threatened you feel in order to cast; or how out-numbered; or pissed off; or ‘revengeful’…I know, ‘revengeful’ sounds awful, but it can feel so good (oops).

Everyone has cast a spell that they wished they could take back.  If they say they haven’t, they are probably lying, or they’re in denial.  Because, in spite of what Hollywood movies & tv shows tell us, witches are not some mysterious drop-dead gorgeous immortal creature who can rise above everything– or destroy anything that gets in her way.  Absolutely not– we’re mortal, just like the rest of humanity, and we make mistakes, just like everybody else; and sometimes we even lack good judgment– occasionally, once in a rare while (oops).

Romance is a biggy.  People fuck up here all the time, especially if jealousy and spite come into play, but sometimes just because we can be mean-spirited.  Say you jump on the magickal band-wagon to split up a couple because…because she was a real bitch and you want to teach her a lesson; or because he was dating you first and things were moving along smoothly till she showed up; or because they were crappy to you for a long period of time and by the time fences were mended and you were really getting to know them and possibly to like them, you had already thrown caution to the wind and cast this great big black spell to split them up (oops).

Then there’s those god-awful “love me forever” spells that are just a disaster waiting to happen; because if you’ve went ahead and cast one of these idiotic spells, you could be in for a rude and irritating awakening when you open your eyes some morning and decide you cannot stand anything about the guy in bed next to you.  You decide it’s time to gracefully move on; you decide that there’s ‘bigger fish in the ocean’ (older relatives always tell you this); or you just plain can’t stand the way he whines, eats his food, leaves junk all over your house, or clips the hell out of your trees and flowers when you’re not around to stop him– you also may not like how he belches after a can of pop, or forgets to brush his teeth, or any number of things, but that’s beside the point.  The bottom line is that you want him to “Go Away”…If you’ve already cast one of these sappy “love me forever” spells, while you were caught up in the heat of passion so hot your ass was sizzling no less, when your energy (and hormones) were raging, you are in for one nasty surprise.  To get rid of this love-lorn target, you may find out it’s going to take a lot more than a candle in a cauldron.  These are terrifically difficult spells to break.  What it may take is an attorney and a restraining order (oops).

Money spells– I’m not even going there.  No amount of money is ever enough; and when it is enough, it never seems to arrive on time, it’s always late.  I’m just not sure that spiritual things are in tune with financial issues, and I know that this might not apply to everyone, but for me, this is my personal experience.  Sometimes I believe it’s like ‘selling your soul to the devil’ (which is a really ironic and weird way for a pagan to put it) but that’s the truth– you give up almost everything, like your dignity and self-respect, to grovel and beg the universe for some currency.  It’s too human.  It’s too beneath what we’re really here to learn, what we’re here to experience; it’s the least important thing there is to cast magick for, yet we all do it, we’ve all done it…we’ve sold our proverbial ‘soul to the devil’ for some extra moolah (oops).

How many of us have hired a magickal hit-man? Huh?  Who’d be willing to ‘fess up to this one.  I can only imagine the eventful, unexpected, grandiose, or sublime ways this spell could go awry– it would be like a loose cannon; it would be like trying to teach an old maid to shoot a handgun…yeha, and get out of the way.  She’d be shooting the hell out of everything in front of her, but most likely missing her intended target and leaving a bloody trail of victims who happened to be in the line of fire (oops).

Magick, like everything else in life, needs to be learned and practiced in order for anyone to be really good at it.  It needs to have some personal guidelines, and most important of all, it needs to be practiced with a little restraint and a whole lot of common sense.  And, like everything else in life, you’ll find people who will listen to advice like this and take it into serious consideration; and then there are those people who have to learn everything the hard way (oops).

Magick is a learning experience, and some people never learn…

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17 thoughts on “Magickal Accidents: The “Oops” Factor

  1. As I read your post I was reminded of many years ago. It was good to travel back. Thank you.

    I now believe everything is interrelated. I try to do no harm. I endeavor to ask the aid of those who are helpers, and force nothing. I work to avoid difficult tasks when angry. I ask that whatever I do support the mending of the Sacred Hoop of All Beings. This seems to me, an old man, a good path. Blessings.

  2. Great article, though not sure what you mean by a “hit-man” As for money, What do you mean there is never enough? I hope that is a statement for a specific group. Only time I use money spells is to help when something bad has happened and drained my resources. The term “sell your soul to the devil” is not a pagan one but a Christian one. And I happen to know someone who has screwed with love spells, there is a reason they either don’t work or back fire. It is called “freewill” and the laws. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    • That death thing is the truth– but people should also be aware that anyone (not just witches) have the ability to “wish someone away” or “pray them to death”…the term “be careful what you wish for” can become a pretty somber statement if we really stop to think about it, and to think about the power and energy that are in our thoughts.

  3. Ironically I’ve had the opposite issue as those above – where I should have cursed someone but decided to sit in the passive seat of “Wait till karma sorts it”. The end result was nasty, because I forgot my responsibility as a witch. I don’t get to say “Karma will do it”. When I forget that a whole lot more than “oops” tends to happen. It’s grim, but so be it.

    Did I make the above mistakes? Oh yeah, oh very yeah. Younger and stupider, and that happens because we’re human and we have to learn. Sucks, but there it is. I actually have a theory that the difference between a passive pagan and a witch is the latter realises when they botch something up and try to fix it, then chalk it up to Learning Experience and keep practicing – a little older, a little wiser, a little more humble.

    • I love it…”a little older, a little wiser, a little more humble”

      I’m definitely not a passive witch. Have I actually tried and committed some of the “oops” moments above? You bet your sweet witchy booty I have. Some of the results were head shakers, some were accidental successes, and some were just plain big fat “oops’s”…hence my idea for this blog.

      A lot of what I write is just downright personal experience stuff, even if it’s cloaked in second and third person *big wink*

      And after a magickal oops here and there, do you think I’ll be silly enough to try some witchy brewing and hooey in the future?…The answer would have to be, “Yep, probably”…as I said, magick is a learning experience ;P

  4. Reblogged this on Tried by Fire and commented:
    An important lesson on why I’m never stupid enough to cast curses. I am learning magic just recently, but decided long ago that if I was going to learn it, that this would be a big No-No.

  5. This is why I NEVER cast curses. One was recently cast on me by former “friends” and already they are suffering the backlash of their spitefulness and “punishment” of me. Severe illness, family problems and electronics gone beserk are just some of the consequences. No matter how angry at someone I might be, I’ll take care of it in more natural ways and leave the rest to the Gods or karma.

    • My grandmother was a necromancer,she threw illness spells on my mother and finally killed her. Years after, the spell turned against her and she died of the same illness, having visions of the hounds of hell dragging her out of bed.
      The former friend who’s doing that to you will suffer the consequences of her actions.

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