The Witch’s Diary: Gypsy’s Magick Spell/7 Card Reading

(Follow this YouTube link to “The Witch’s Diary”, where I’ve recorded a 12 minute video while setting up to do this online reading):

1/This is you:
The Wheel of Fortune

First impression:  Jupiter (expansion, money issues, business issues, growth– an interest in, or an active participation in, business activities).  The idea of three aspects to some area of your life (the triple goddess; three times ’round (3 marriages, serious relationships, etc.); three choices; three victories/three failures; three days/months/weeks until an important event–if you actually have something specific coming up in one of these time frames, and there is a decision involved, know that it’s going to turn out in your favor.

As I’ve said, you must tend to be lucky in games of chance, or life in general.  Lady Luck tends to sit on your shoulder, don’t brush her off– this can be done by any number of ways; with some people it just amounts to poor choices, with others it’s a matter of not listening to that little voice in their head.

2/ This is your defense:
The Devil

First impression:  “The devil made me do it.” (remember the black comedian whose tagline this was?)  There comes the idea of not taking the blame for something that may not be working out.  If there are any negative issues standing around in the limelight when this card pops up, the situations (and the results) are pretty much self-inflicted.

Someone may be asking for help; seeking advice; reaching for a life-line; trying to get your attention (unless it’s you trying to get someone else’s attention).  The snake (a totem animal):  wisdom, kundalini energy, the goddess, temptation, a connection with the earth (in a spiritual sense, as Gaia).  Again, there is the idea that three individuals are involved here– like two to one, but it’s a little hazy (possibly three women, or two women & one man).  The element of Earth– emphasis on the physcial aspect of life, the material things, those things of the body– pay close attention to health issues, Dr. appointments, scheduled physicals, etc.

3/ This is what you are afraid of:

First impression:  You’re afraid of losing someone, or you have already experienced this, and you don’t want to go through it again.  Really!?…the idea of “3” comes once more with this card, as in three losses; the saying, “Three times the pain”; “Bad things come in threes”; but also, “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”; “Time heals all wounds”.

We all fear losing someone we love, but when this card comes up for an individual in a reading, it touches home in a more direct and intimate way, either through a previous experience, a touch of dejavu, or a future event.  I’m also under the impression that you are “trying to swim upstream”; “going against the current”; maybe you are “fighting a losing battle”…which would mean it’s time to regroup and consider a different strategy, a different way of looking at something.  As the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

4/ This is what drives you:

First impression:  There’s a woman behind you, and a strong woman she is.  She may very well hold the ‘key’, the answer to your question, the solution to your situation; you only have but to trust her and confide in her.

This woman is holding something, something which may give her power and energy; hopefully this isn’t something she is holding ‘against’ you, but rather, something that is totally coming off of her, something defining in her personality, her life-decisions, her morals, her strength.  The idea of the auroboris (the snake circled around, holding its own tail in its mouth– a symbol of eternity).  The element of Fire:  passion; justice; survival; equality; fair play extremely strong emotions– whatever they might be, including love, lust, anger.  I just want to add that when this Queen is in your corner, her loyalty is flawless, and she will protect you to the end.  If this Queen is your enemy, she is one of the most vicious and vindictive you can imagine.

Also– if you need ‘fighting energy’ for anything in your life right now, it’s this Queen’s energy, this card, that implies it’s at your fingertips.

5/This is what you are left with:

First impression:  You are not happy with the way something turned out; you’re avoiding an issue; you’re being stubborn, you may be turning down an offer you should accept– or you may even be totally unaware of it.

This card often implies that you are tired;  you’re tired of having to think about something; you’re tired from trying to solve something; you’re over-worked; you need a break; you don’t want to pay attention anymore.  You’re waiting for something.  Also coming to mind, the saying, “My plate is full”…and believe it or not, here comes the “3” again– this is really starting to intrigue/puzzle me.  There must be some incredibly meaningful universe-centered reason that this number is coming up– even if it’s not glaringly apparent to me, it might be to you, whose life it is impacting.

6/This is what the future will bring:
Eight-Swords ®

First impression:  A release; freedom.  With this first impression comes the idea that at the moment you may feel trapped, or uncertain of how to proceed, unsure of what path you wish to take.  You also may feel like your hands are tied and you  are helpless to make necessary changes.

Sunrise, and the idea of future events ahead; sunset, and the idea of completion, coming to the end of something.  Help…the figure on this card is imploring and trapped, confined and restrained.  Bottom line here, and it’s positive (really), is that this period is coming to a conclusion.  Freedom, release, and the idea of seeing your future clearly, is right around the corner.

7/This is what brings you back down to earth:
Four-Pentacles ®

First impression:  a tremendously grounded individual, though things might be a bit up in the air at the moment.  You like things stable, consistent, sound and granite-like.  Someone who likes to be in control, on top of issues– and again, things around you may not be this way, or at least they may not feel this way to you right now.  Never mind, though, you generally land on your feet.

Money issues; and this issue is such a huge deal that in most people’s lives it can be a dominating factor.  (Making a living, for those of us who are ordinary individuals, is no joke.)  The idea of “Getting a grip”; “Hanging on for the ride”; “Buckling down”, all come to mind.  Checkerboard– black and white issues (where are the shades of gray?); thinking with your heart instead of your head.

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