Today: I’m a guest on “The Consciousness Shift”


I’ll be a radio guest today with Gwendolyn Holden Barry on “The Consciousness Shift“…reconnecting with the goddess.
3pm Eastern– 2pm Central

Call in to speak to the host:
213 816-0357

Here’s the link.  You can also post comments at this page:


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  1. La Bonna says:

    Love your looks! Very good photo:)

    1. Thank you!…it was fun dressing-up and playing with swords 🙂

  2. manitoumuse says:

    I love your blog. So nice to see that you are also on the radio.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy my blog! Yes, I’m a radio guest every now-and-then somewhere. It’s not a regular thing, but it’s fun when it happens.

  3. laurabruno says:

    Gorgeous photo of you!

    1. Thank you, Laura– I love swords! (I’m a collector)

      1. laurabruno says:

        Queen of Swords, then. 🙂 Very cool!

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