Valentine’s Day Magick


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Are you single and looking for your True Love?

Let’s cast some Love Magick, but do yourself a favor and don’t include a specific target.  I know, this can be hard, especially if you’ve had your eye on what you believe is a “very special somebody”.  But I’ll bet the universe has so much more in mind for you; it’s just waiting to connect you to The One.  You might be pleasantly surprised…just maybe your “very special somebody” will turn out to be The One.

This Saturday is Valentine’s Day, and we want to rev up the romantic energy, the sexual energy, with all the sparkling razzle dazzle we can muster for a magickal weekend.  Let’s whip out those red candles, oil them up with a good Sex Oil, cast a circle, strip off your clothes, and do some foot stompin’ sky clad magick in the privacy of your own Sacred Space.

witch 49

This is the time to do magick for Coupling.

The Spell:

“Upon this hour,
Amidst this day,
My true love shall
Come my way.

My heart will know,
When I shall see.

As I do will,
So Mote It Be.”

Love magick

Note: More on Sex, Love, Magick– and Herbs!
Sex and Green Witchcraft, Getting Down & Dirty

Sex Oil:  In my new book, “The Spiritual Feminist”, I reveal the recipe for several of my magickal oils, including Sex Oil.

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