Woman Speak 2-13-2015

The Goddess is Aphrodite, the topic is birthdays and how we celebrate these milestones in connection with the Goddess and all the unique stages in a woman’s life.  The discussion is about– Beauty.  What’s beautiful, what’s not…How has our society and culture influenced our idea of physical beauty, our idea of youth and aging…How can we relearn to recognize and appreciate the inner beauty we all possess?  How can we redefine what’s beautiful?


1 thought on “Woman Speak 2-13-2015

  1. Hello,
    I came here today to find something on a hunch, because it is my birthday in an hour… your site always has something for me to feel good about. So thank you for this video I found so coincidentally!
    About beauty, I think that all women who have the power to connect with nature, to look around them and smile, transcend the boundaries of beauty. It is a relief that there are still many souls who can see beauty in wrinkled skin and calloused hands… they are beautiful because they have worked hard to give joy to the ones around them..

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