Woman Speak: 2-27-2015

The goddess is Aurora…and with this goddess comes the happy anticipation of Spring, new beginnings, second chances, clean slates, rejuvenation. Plant new life-seeds now, and watch your future blossom.  To honor & invoke this goddess, we’re doing a short ritual to The Four Winds (Aurora’s children)…join me.


6 thoughts on “Woman Speak: 2-27-2015

  1. @Kaoma…1) There’s really no need for any kind of apology, as I explained in my first reply– you are free to call yourself whatever you like.

    2) There’s really nothing I can do to help you, other than to provide information through my blog, website, and books.

    • Men do indeed practice witchcraft, although I don’t consider the word “witch” as one that applies to males– I know, this is a very controversial issue in the pagan world, and one that dredges up lots of opposition, sometimes indignation, anger, and frustration. So, men-folk, please don’t bombard me with loads of negative emails, simply realize that I am just one little woman with this opinion, and that you are absolutely free to call yourself whatever you wish, including “Witch”, and go merrily on your way.

      The male connection– absolutely I can understand anyone’s pull towards this spirituality, this magickal path, no matter what gender you are, and this is a path that is open to ALL human beings regardless of sex, or nationality, or ethnicity. With that said, you mention that you are Zambian– if you still reside in your native land, I would be extremely cautious about openly practicing this form of spirituality. People are put to death in Africa for practicing witchcraft– sad, but very true. I know, it sounds like the Dark Ages, doesn’t it, but tolerance is something that is a hard-learned lesson for human beings, and superstition often overrides Common Sense.

      I understand your longing to follow a magickal path, and I wish– with all my heart– that you eventually find a way to do this.

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