Wednesday~ Mercury~ Air

Wednesday– Mercury– Air…communication.

I’m going to write a letter today to someone that I haven’t seen or spoken to for a very long time. And if it’s someone whom, for whatever reason, I can’t send the letter to, then I will burn it in the flame of a yellow candle and scatter the ashes to the wind…knowing they will get the message.

The Elemental: Air

 Follow this link to read the letter.


1 thought on “Wednesday~ Mercury~ Air

  1. Thank you for you. I’ve been reading, studying and THOROUGHLY enjoying Gray Witches Grimoire. I’ve found my place with Gray and Green.. Something I call “GW”..for discretion purposes, lol. Thank you again and may you always be as wonderful as you are. You’ve truly helped me 🙂

    Blessed Be,

    Asa Ashanti

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