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From The Witch’s Desk

Hi I’ve been reading through all your wonderful information & soaking it all up like a sponge, there is one thing I’d like to ask.. How does one find their (craft name)? I look forward to your reply! I am ready to be fully witch now! Bless Be )0(


Your name…I remember when the realization first struck me that I had the power to choose my own name, a name that would align me with magickal energies and entities, gods and goddesses, a name that would come from something deep within me and from some power beyond me.  It was a stunning “Aha” moment in my evolution on this incredible spiritual path.

 How do you find your Craft Name?

The more that you read and study and absorb, the more you will be exposed to new connections in nature and the magickal world– herbs; trees; animals; gods and goddesses.  You will be exposed to all sorts of new experiences, unfolding as new perspectives, and magickal connections.  And you will very quickly realize that certain things in this new world are touching you in a very personal way that somehow or other transcends the natural world as we knew it before this journey began.

When you recognize these new connections, take note of them…your Craft Name is in here somewhere.   And the really strange thing about this is that you might realize that you’ve always had an affinity with a particular animal, plant, flower, herb, divinity, etc., and you never realized the monumental meaning and nuance of this connection– until now.  It was there all the time, just waiting for the door to open.

In the Self-Initiation Ritual that I wrote, it’s significant that when you enter the circle, you enter and begin the ritual by announcing yourself to the Universe and the Powers that Be, with your legal given name:

I, (name), have entered this circle in perfect love and perfect trust. I am ready to commit myself to the way of witch. I place myself now before the altar of the Goddess and the God, before the altar of the Ancient Ones, before the altar of the Powers that Be.”

And during this initiation, a transition is made, a magickal beautiful mystical change that will align you forever with All Things on a deeper level.  And at that point in the ritual, you will re-introduce yourself to the Universe and the Powers that Be with your magickal name:

I, (name), do solemnly swear upon the blood of my ancestors to devote the rest of my days to living the way of witch.

I swear loyalty to the Ancient Ones, the gods and goddesses who always were, are now, and shall forever be.

I swear loyalty to my fellow witches; my sister-witches of the past, as well as those who touch my life today, and those I have yet to meet. I vow to keep their secrets, to learn from them as well as teach, to respect our differences, and to celebrate our journey together upon this sacred path.

I freely take upon myself the life of witch. As I turn the corner to live my destiny, I declare to the Powers present here that my magical name is (craft name).”

It’s true, there are power in words.  And there is incredible power in Your Name.


The complete Self-Initiation Ritual can be found Here.

The contents of this page is from
“The Gray Witch’s Grimoire”


4 thoughts on “The Witch’s Desk~ Choosing Your Craft Name

  1. I had done a meditation and asked my guides for assistance finding a craft name. The next morning at work a package was accidentally delivered to us instead of our neighbor. I walked the package to our neighbor and on the walk back I wondered when the Universe would present me with a name. A raven near took to the air and flew along beside me, just feet over my right shoulder flapping its wings so that it almost hovered. It was definitely an unusual interaction. He checked me out and I checked him out. That’s where Corvus came from. It’s the from the latin name: Corvus corax, the common raven.

    I always pay attention when ravens are near. They’re a totem animal for me.

  2. Hm. If I were too pick a name I’d have to use numerology to help determine what it’ll be. Desirable and magickal numbers I think.

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