Tarot Study Guide ~ Major Arcana/The Lovers



6 The Lovers

Keywords: passion; sex; lust; bonding; couples; love; romance; more sex; more passion

Archetypes: Romeo & Juliet; Brad & Angelina; Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor; John Lennon & Yoko Ono





Astrological Sun Sign/Cancer

Upright Interpretation:

Let’s get something straight between us.”, says the male figure on this card to the female figure on the other side of this card. And between them, there is indeed something straight– a big old mountain rising out of the ground, stretching into the blue sky. I also find it significant that they each have their Very-Own-Tree; his going up in flames, hers decorated with the proverbial apples and a snake. It’s an eternal story line, this card…love and relationships, and the differences between men and women, and how does it all work out anyway? It’s usually a story-in-progress.

Reversed Interpretation:

Ack! Not everything is all hunky-dory, usually a long way from it. What is perfection, anyway, where relationships are concerned? Is it even practical to use these two words in the same sentence? Attraction and compatibility are two very different things, one doesn’t always mean the other will follow. Damn! It’s always the good looking individual you’re attracted to, and it’s usually a recipe for disaster. “Head’s Up!”, says The Lovers reversed…watch out for the train wreck.

Study Questions:

1. What is your first impression of this card?

2. What does this card mean to You?

3. Are there details on this card that especially stand out for you? If so, write them down and explain.

4. How does this card define relationships?

5. How does this card define financial circumstances?

6. How is this card relevant to health issues?

Affirmations for Meditation:

1. I rejoice in the physical union of sex.

2. I embrace my sexuality, whatever it may be.

3. I believe in love.

4. I will find my Soul Mate.

5. I will respect myself and my partner.

A Tarot Reading for The Lovers:
The Lovers ~ The Sun ®; Page/cups; The Fool ®

Don’t expect happiness to be a steadfast requirement with relationships.  If this were true, what would all those romance writers have to write about?  The opposite most often follows for the majority of humanity; and I’m not going to count those rare soul mates who claim to recapture their connection lifetime after lifetime.  They’re a different story all together, and they make the rest of us love-starved mortals choke.  Most of us stumble through the very human journey of finding a mate, building a relationship, and continuing a relationship, or abandoning it for another, with great determination to Be Happy.  If you don’t automatically expect happiness, you might be pleasantly surprised at how the universe will tickle your fancy.

Stay alert for unexpected opportunities for love, whether this will come through synchronistic signals and events, or whether this comes from a gazillion other places.  Think of how often someone might have missed a magical connection because they were so busy watching the distant horizon for True Love, waiting for their Knight in Shining Armor to come galloping out of the sunset. They didn’t pay any attention to the individual who said hello at the coffee shop, or the guy who came to change the furnace filter, or the friend of a friend who showed up unexpectedly at a party and handed them glass of whatever.  Don’t look so far out into the yonder, that you miss what’s right in front of your hopeful little face.

Don’t expect a perfectly paved golden journey once you find Love.  Unlike Cinderella and Snow White, this is just the beginning, not a happy-ever-after ending.  There is no such thing as Love without strife; Love without moments of disconnect; Love without some disappointments from time to time; Love without compromises; Love without giving in; Love without standing your ground; Love without good days and bad days.  Life is a journey and love is just part of it, and it’s laced with potholes, dead-ends, and lots of dusty gravel roads.  It’s a journey alright; it’s a process, and there are so many of us who will give up in the midst of it all and take a detour.

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