The Witch’s Diary: Pagan Date Night (video)

This weekend something happened that’s unusual at our house– all of the kids had some place to be, right down to the youngest one.  Yippity-Skippity.  My husband Joe declared DATE NIGHT…and we answered the “Call of the Wild”.

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2 thoughts on “The Witch’s Diary: Pagan Date Night (video)

  1. Hello Amythyst, Thank You for sharing a bit of your alone time with your love Joe. When you have someone else who also shares a deep appreciation of nature and can bond with all seen become one with all her beauty around you it can be such a wonder-filled magical moment in time. How deeply blessed both of you are. I have never had the joy of sharing this with any man, let alone my ex husband. At 52 with 2 grown children I’m alone in my life, mostly that’s ok but there are times when I yearn for the comfort of being held by a Man I love and that loves me.

    • Hey, don’t be sad,… it’s never too late to find love! I’m sure that there’s someone out there waiting just for you, even at 52!

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