Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/Strength





8 Strength

Keywords: power; perseverance; hidden strength; taking chances; beating the odds; persistence; determination

Archetypes: the cowardly lion; Rosa Parks; Tinker Bell





Astrological Sun Sign/Leo

Upright Interpretation: This card is all about getting a grip on life– anything, anything in your life that is causing confusion and consternation, anything that’s messing you up. It’s about the Little Guy and how he can conquer the world, regardless of other people’s doubt and negativity. It’s about perseverance, and holding out, and hanging on during extraordinary challenges. This card is shouting, “You can! You can! You can!”. Get off your ass and get some balls, is the unceremonious message from Strength…don’t give up!

Reversed Interpretation: You threw in the towel! You gave up! You didn’t give something a fair chance; you lost faith; you let other people’s opinions influence you in a negative way. When Strength is reversed, it means that someone isn’t trying hard enough. If you’re not going to give a project your all, why bother? If you’re not going to put everything into it to get the most out of it, why start? Strength reversed is an ominous indication of defeat.

Study Questions:

1. What is your first impression of this card?

2. What does this card mean to You?

3. Are there details on this card that especially stand out for you? If so, write them down and explain.

4. How does this card define relationships?

5. How does this card define financial circumstances?

6. How is this card relevant to health issues?

Affirmations for Meditation:

1. I can.

2. I will.

3. I did.

4. I’ll do it all again.

5. I cannot lose, I will succeed, I am success.

A Tarot Reading for Strength:
Strength ~ Queen/swords ®; 9/swords; 8/pentacles

The image of cold steely strength that you would like to hold up to the world as the image of your true and inner self isn’t quite the whole story.  Being strong doesn’t mean that you’re invulnerable.  We all have our weak spots, our sorry soft feelings, ideas, emotions, and mentality.  Strength, sometimes you’re strong because you’re secure enough to admit your own weaknesses.  It’s only by recognizing them that we can conquer them.

Sometimes Strength feels that they must be strong for everyone.  By thinking that you have to shoulder the cares of the world, you’re opening yourself up to all of the negative energy that goes with this, and energy is a very real tangible thing.  All of this negative energy will be too much for you, even if you think you know how to keep it cleared out.  It will be still be too much for the amount you’re taking in, for the sense of responsibility you feel.  Let it go, Strength.  Sometimes you’re doing more of a favor to someone when you let them come face to face with their own problems, it’s the only way some people learn to shoulder their responsibilities.

Oh, what a glorious thing you are, Strength.  It’s your rippling magnetic positive existence that gives most of us the determination to work hard enough to realize our dreams, to reach our goals, to meet our highest potential.  Without you, Strength, where would we be?  What are you anyway?…this tiny shining crystal in the center of our being.  Sometimes we think you’re not there, and then you burst out unexpectedly in a glorious ray of colors.  Stay with us Strength, we need you.

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