At Tumblr ~ My Week in Review

I’ve been trying to post diligently a weekly “catch-up/review” post at my Tumblr page.  This is a good way to gather all the Stuff I’ve been doing all over the internet all week into one spot.  (I also enjoy playing with Tumblr).  Here’s this week’s post, and I’m betting that I’ve got a few things up my sleeve in this internet world that you might not have been aware of, because just like me, you can’t be everywhere at once. 🙂

And how was YOUR week?!

Tumblr ~ Week in Review



6 thoughts on “At Tumblr ~ My Week in Review

  1. My week has been quite wonderful, I came of age(seventeen, finally!) and little gifts have been popping up everywhere – just little things that make me happy. Just wanted to mention that your blog – every cat has a tale is near unreadable… black font on autumn leaves is damn near impossible to read, so if you could change that I would be grateful!
    Thanks for your posts that make my weeks interesting!

    • Hi, Fontess…The readable portion of the blog Every Cat Has a Tale is on a plain white background; the autumn leaves only show up on the sides. Your computer isn’t loading the page correctly, apparently.

      When you come across anything with a background that makes it difficult to read, highlight the print (as if you were going to do a copy/paste), and you’ll be able to read it.

  2. So to cont. A few years back I wouldn’t have been able to be in this house due to the horrible memories it would conjure. But today I can be here despite all the work I must do with a body in pain, it’s hard when you want your back or hands to do what they always could but now can’t with out hurting the next day. So disguised blessings….. My life @ 52 will finally be moving on. A new house to find to call my own, a privacy to come to worship Goddess whenever I choose-wherever I choose in my new house, a room to devote to my study and spellcasting. No one else to question what I’m doing. Such a very gracious blessing from Goddess. Prayed for, asked for and all to be given. Surprised to find it came about so suddenly. Last year I had been given the knowledge of knowing that this year would manifest into a new beginning, a hard but necessary change I would go thru, when I quit thinking about it is when it suddenly became to be. I thought I would be prepared for it but not the case. After the 2nd day here I finally felt the happiness I never had here. This is the house that I spoke of when you questioned about odd happenings due to possible spirits and mentioned to you that yes they are around us, some not so kind and others who are. So many different things have happened here. Voices in the corner of the room my Son slept in, the very vivid dream that wasn’t a dream at all for him where he encountered a young boy and then a young girl joined, brother and sister. The boy appeared w/the guise of making my Son think he needed help-not at all.!! Things being moved to be found in another room. A spirit I watched walk downstairs from many, many years ago. He didn’t even look at me or answer me. I guess I wasn’t his interest. Some very horrific thing that harmed me while sound asleep and never knew until my High Priestess told me of a visit she had had during the night. ( She was living with me at the time ). Some good natured spirits and only a few harmful ones. I’ll never forget as long as I have my memory. So my week has been filled with memories, cleaning out the old and unwanted, happiness and the joy to anticipate starting anew. Blessings given. BB Amythyst and to all who may read this.

    • Good morning, Anne! It’s always nice to hear from you. 🙂 I’m glad that your life is smoothing out, it sounds like everything is on the right track for you. You’re an inspiration and proof that every woman has the power within herself to change her life…I’m SO happy for you!!

      I remember your house! You’ve talked about it with me before. I think that a house rife with spirits is usually pretty cool (unless the living inhabitants are uncomfortable with it); but it has never bothered me or my girls, though they might have had a couple hairy experiences when they were children and easily frightened.

      I’m so glad that you stopped here and took the time to tell your story. Thank you.

  3. Hello, Amythyst
    Thx for asking. First I need to say that I love the picture w/ a Crone. I love pics, they can take your mind anywhere if you let them. Don’t you agree? I don’t have an acct on Tumbler, there are so many various sites to belong to and I try to stay clr of those I don’t know how to navigate. My goodness I really must learn how to maneuver and even use a computer. Don’t have time for that lesson now, has to wait. My week has been a surprise, a short gift of time given to me last Sunday by my Son. I have been living w/my Mom, my Son living in my house. He suddenly decided to move to Indiana and I have come back to my own house. Trying to keep this short but explain enough that you can understand. Anyway I have come to clean out, keep or throw away, all those things we must do prior to selling our house. I’m doing ok I guess considering I’m doing this alone mostly. I will be getting help from my son-in-law this week (I’m so grateful for the young man that he is). My son will come back next wknd to also help. Blessings in disguise is what all this is. Let me make a new comment so this one isn’t so darn long.

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