7 thoughts on “The Witch’s Diary: Home Alone (video)

  1. Hello Amythyst, hope your wknd is going well. I’m the same way with anything to do with phones, tablets, computers. It certainly takes a nice video. I want to thank you for sharing your surroundings, I think you have a beautiful yard w/privacy , I love that your property is fenced. I love your large porch and the painting on the wall is gorgeous. I must admit that when you brought the hose up to allow the water to wet you and laughed, it brought a memory of childhood and how happy I was to see someone else who still has that playfulness of a child within them. Our age may be seen on our bodies or face but I believe our true age is how we feel in our heart and inner self. What a wonderful video. Brought some tears to my eyes, your love of nature and I couldn’t help think how our species is destroying so much. I sign so many petitions. If only everyone else could see what we see, become able to appreciate and protect our world and all that live among us. One voice can’t change the world, but thousands of voices can and do make change. Thank You so much for sharing this. BB

    • Thank you, Anne…and I feel the same way about nature and wildlife and trees– we just had a confrontation with one of our neighbors over these very topics (though he was inebriated at the time). He kept screaming about “nuisance trees”…I haven’t met a tree yet that I felt was a nuisance, wish I could say that about every human being that I’ve run across.

    • Hi, Lisa!…we have maple trees, apple trees, elm trees, mulberry, trees, Russian olive, & a type of pine (can’t remember the name). And even though it’s not our tree, there is a giant oak that lives right across the street and every fall it gives us all it’s leaves 🙂

      • Wow, some very awesome wand making woods indeed! I do miss the Norwegian Maple trees at my old house in Montana, as well as the Siberian Elm and of course the Lilac! Here in my yard in San Diego, we have a few hedges of Brazilian Pepper trees, which are used similarly to how hedgeriders use a Rowan or Hawthorn. We have a few other bushes,one being a Privet (and still trying to discover if there is Chinese medicinal use in this) and the big winner for me is a big Bottlebrush bush. No blooms yet but the leaves make a most lovely lemon herbal tea, pretty astringent and quite refreshing! Hiking around, it is easy to find Sycamore trees as well as a few varieties of Sumac. Many imports here since this climate grows many thing providing the water and soil are there, and I forgot how many different kinds of flowers year round are all around! Right now, the Jacarandas and Golden Medallion trees are in bloom all over town!

  2. Oh gods, when I saw the first two lines, I got really damned interested, and when I saw the third line, I died… Nice video, though. I love your cats!

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