The Witch’s Desk ~ Children with Disturbing Behavior

The following question was submitted to me and will be posted exactly as received, except that any personal names or specific places will be X’d out to preserve anonymity:

Amythyst, Im happy to find your blog regarding spells. Sadly some requirements arent available here in the  XXXXX. Im having a hard dealing with my stubborn, disrespectful, bully 9yr old stepson. He always hit his siblings and would always ruin our stuff secretly. he is also hitting himself from time to time. he is hard to tolerate and he doesnt think and act like a 9tr old kid. no school wants him anymore. he is always angey. and he is strong. please help me. please. 😦


First, I’m going to say, right off the bat, that children who are exhibiting disturbing or harmful behavior are in need of professional help, and please get to this before you do anything else.  Only after you’ve seen that this child is receiving professional medical or mental health care, then go one step further to add spiritual assistance in the form of rituals, spells, or prayers.

Children who behave like this have issues, obviously, and more often than not, this type of child is acting out in this way because he is hurting.  Think of all the trauma he’s been through in nine short years with the divorce of his parents.  And I don’t even have the whole story– how he relates to his parents, both together and individually; what his past home life was like; what his present home life is like; if there are any mental health issues that run in the family, etc.  This is very sad, it really is.

I can also see how this situation would be very difficult for you as well; and I think the whole family should seek counseling from a professional to help you all deal with your familial connections and individual issues.

As far as your magickal question…First, any ingredient in any spell can be substituted.  I’ve said this before; think of a spell like a magickal recipe.  You substitute ingredients in mundane recipes all the time– to improve it, to make it more to your taste, to create something more personally suited.  I’m amazed that there are people who are scared to death to try modifying a spell, or don’t even realize that this is their prerogative.  Go for it.

As far as spells for this situation, I would go with cleansing, purification, protection, and HEALING spells.

The best of luck to you and your family,
Blessings, Amythyst



2 thoughts on “The Witch’s Desk ~ Children with Disturbing Behavior

  1. Great answer Amythyst! Professional care is clearly needed. I would also add there could be a nutritional element that could be addressed and help even what appears to be mental issues. I suggest she do some research and eliminate those trigger items as much as possible, while also providing good foods with raw greens emphasized. Meanwhile, to take the edge off, perhaps having Rescue Remedy around to at least provide calming to him and to others might be good to have on hand!

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