Tarot Study ~ Major Arcana/Death



13 Death

Keywords: Transition; change; evolution; self-deception; The End– Fini

Archetypes: The Grim Reaper, Old Man New Year, Howard Hughes, Valdemort





Astrological Sun Sign/Scorpio

Upright Interpretation: Bow before the universe and kiss the ground, because you’ve just escaped an unpleasant fate. Does this mean that from this point on life will be all easy and rosy? No, absolutely not, in fact it will probably get worse before it gets better, because you are in for some Big Changes, like it or not. The skeletal figure on this card, ironically The Grim Reaper, is here to drag you through a major life transition. It won’t do you any good to fight it, off you’ll go, kicking and screaming all the way. Persevere.

Reversed Interpretation: After reading the morning news and all the tragic things that have happened to people all over the world, you sigh with relief, because this is happening to Someone Else…well, don’t feel so lucky so fast. Look over your shoulder. Fate has just caught up with you, and it’s going to bite you in the ass. The black energy of Scorpio is unmistakeable when this card is reversed. It’s scary, as though every boogeyman you’ve ever been afraid of all throughout your life has just congregated right outside your front door– and he’s knocking, expecting you to let him in.

Study Questions:

1. What is your first impression of this card?

2. What does this card mean to You?

3. Are there details on this card that especially stand out for you? If so, write them down and explain.

4. How does this card define relationships?

5. How does this card define financial circumstances?

6. How is this card relevant to health issues?

Affirmations for Meditation:

1. I will not be afraid of change.

2. I will accept and learn from the transitions of Life.

3. I will listen for the voice of Spirits.

4. I will embrace the inevitable with courage and fortitude.

5. I will teach my children to juggle and adjust to the bumps in Life’s road.

A Tarot Reading for Death:
Death ~ 3/cups ®; 6/swords ®; The Sun

Death, in your most cynical manner, you say to the world, “What do you have to be happy about?”.  And in the next breath, you pull the rug out from under us, you disrupt our lives, you tear down all that is familiar, all that was previously solid in our existence.  And just when we are totally flustered and on the brink of breaking emotionally, you say, “Wait a minute.  Open your eyes and look.”  And we do.  And you’ve laid something new at our feet, something fresh and promising and newly birthed.

Dear Death, though you inspire shudders upon those who first view your face from the confines of your card, you are there to support us and guide us through life.  What a paradox that seems to be, but it’s true.  When we don’t have enough courage to leave something negative behind, you deliberately start slamming doors and throwing open new routes, revealing unexplored passage-ways.  With a gentle hand on our back, you say, “It’s time to move on now, let’s go.”

Death, you take us by the hand, reassuring us that the storm shall pass, that the clouds will part and The Sun’s rays will burst forth again.  You look down on us through dark and hollowed skeletal eyes, and within this blackness we see the shining light of hope.

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©2015 Amythyst Raine


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