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As a follow up to last week’s Tumblr post: I did NOT get the job I had recently applied for, “assistant” to the Activities Director in a nursing home. The gist of the job would be to talk and interact with the residents, to coax them out for activities, to help the director set up various activities, etc. Since a great part of my “job” as a tarot reader is connecting with people on a variety of levels, and I have experience working with elderly people, I am really perplexed at why I didn’t get this job, and if you’ve read my blog post at Every Cat (How does a 58-year-old witch get a job in Fremont Nebraska?) you will understand my frustration.

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6 thoughts on “Tumblr ~ My week-in-review

  1. Argh! Might you have some chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, or other high-level healing arts peeps that you might even consult that you can either work directly for, or rent space from in some fashion that works for both of you? A friend of mine rented an unused room by paying a percentage to the practitioner, and always referred clients in her personal life, which paid her rent until she could get her own space. It is my understanding that Christians also align with natural healing, so it seems these could be around. Also, while it might not be fashionable to be open, you may be surprised that people who look like they blend in secretly entertain other ways of thinking, even if too scared to go there. While some may not like you, others will really admire you and wonder how you do it. Venus is going Rx soon, and I remember you are a Libra, so perhaps with male practitioners to lessen trouble? Also, you are quite the gardener, perhaps some classes at the library or somethingthat can align with even those who are of any belief system? Simple herbal remedies? Eating instead of poisoning weeds? Even moon phases are in Farmers Almanac, not just for witchy types hehe! Maybe this will help juices flow, happy new moon lovely lady! 😉

    • Hi, Lisa!! It’s always fun hearing from you! There are a couple places in town that I can use as venues, but to tell you the truth, I’ve only read for a handful of local people. The bulk of my readings are done for people all over the world (the UK, Australia, and Greece are favorites). Classes are a good idea, and I’ve actually been considering that and mentally working through some if’s and but’s on the topic. This is just a very odd place for someone like me to live; and most people don’t think about the “energy” aspect of this, the fact that some of us are sensitive to the negative energy around us and pick up on it very easily– and keenly. It’s one of the over-whelming aspects of the mid-west for me.

      • Oh I hear you loud and clear! 🙂 It is a large reason I came back to San Diego after a decade in Western Montana (that and the cold hehe!) I remember how hard it was, but thought some ideas might generate from my suggestions in any case. Garden classes would rock of course, but even working in the garden section of a local or chain store could be a start. You could even manipulate an interview with that, not mentioning anything about your real livelihood 😉

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t get the job as Activities Assistant, I don’t know about where you live but I can say these positions usually pay very little and I have never seen an assistant for an Activity Director at a Nursing Home. They are not necessarily needed, my guess is maybe the company chose to not have such a position. Despite what you were told about the job description the Act Dir. relies heavily on the Nurses Aides to alert the residents of any act. and bring them to and from the activity when over. Many times activities are canceled if they interfere with medication time or breakfast clean up or lunch services. I was surprised to see you applied for this. Maybe you can find something in a new age type of business or write a weekly column for a paid magazine. Obviously you are in need of an income as most of us are. Have you thought about trying to secure a government small business loan? Possibly open up your own store selling items of the craft, stones, crystals, books, etc? You could supplement that with offering classes or teaching a group? Idk. Just a suggestion. I wish you the best in finding your niche in the job market. It’s not easy and most employers are not looking for ppl in their 50’s to hire. I’m unfamiliar with your area and I don’t know what ppl are looking for there. I’m in Illinois in a small suburb 50 miles from the city and there use to be only one small store dedicated to our path, now we have 2 and both are extremely close to each other in distance and doing very well. I know it’s not a surety, a big chance to take but maybe this may be your answer. You know how ppl in your town are, I don’t. Check out the next County or larger town. Always hoping for the best to you. BB

    • Hi, Anne– the community here is very conventional, very catholic, and an older population. We use to talk about opening up a “tea and tarot shoppe”, but it would never go over here, and I’m not willing to put our house up for collateral to get the business loan. And you’re right, very few employers are looking to hire someone my age. The Activity Director told me that she’s filled the position, and since I worked in a nursing home for two years in my early 20s, I know that her job is not all that difficult or stressful. I think she may have simply wanted someone to do it for her, I’m not sure. I’m unemployable in this area; I’ve tried for years to get a job here. I’ll keep thinking on it. Maybe there is an unexpected break right around the corner, you never know. 🙂 (I always love hearing from you, by the way!)

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