Mid-September Zodiac Readings

Where is your energy right now, in the middle of this month?  I’ll be drawing one card for each of the astrological Sun Signs to determine what’s in the cards for the you.  If you know your Moon Sign, or your Rising Sign, there may be more than one card in these readings that will resonate with you.  I’ve included Time Stamps so that you can go straight to the astrological sign of your choice.  You don’t know your Moon Sign, or your Rising Sign?  I’ve included links that will take you to simple calculators that will give you this information:

Time Stamps:  Aquarius/1:22; Capricorn/3:14 ; Pisces/4:44; Aries/5:57 ; Taurus/7:22; Gemini/9:05; Cancer/11:25; Leo/12:20; Virgo/13:41; Libra/14:57; Scorpio/16:14; Sagittarius/17:47

Rising Sign Calculator:  http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/calculate.php

Moon Sign Calculator: http://www.lunarium.co.uk/moonsign/calculator.jsp#.VfmkXOlRHIV

If you would like a Personal Reading with me, follow this link:


5 thoughts on “Mid-September Zodiac Readings

    • You’re right. It will take some resolution, but I’ll get around to it once I free myself from my college burdens, a couple of weeks maybe. Thank you so much for the advice!

  1. Wow, now that’s something to think about…
    Well, you see, I’ve been having some strange visions lately, and was really looking for some help on how to understand them, because they are pretty scary at times. So I was wondering if you could help me out?

    • I doubt it, Fontess, not only because I’m working full-time now at a job outside the home and my time is limited, but because visions and their interpretations are very personal and unique to each individual. Symbolism, I’ve discovered over the years, is a very mysterious and unique connection. What means something for one individual means something totally different to another (this is why I don’t use books on dream interpretation). Actually, you are going to help yourself by figuring out what the images in your visions mean to you. A good way to begin is to start a journal.

      • Thanks a lot…. and by help, I really meant links to any dependable sources on these subjects, because the sources I’ve referred online are pretty varied, most of them beat around the bush, indirectly saying it could pretty much mean anything. Thanks again, I know how busy you are nowadays…I should have been more elaborate. Have a nice day!

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