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Women, Sex, Relationships & Magick


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Author: Amythyst Raine

Witchy, Pagan, Personal Stuff Amythyst Raine is an author; a professional tarot reader; the mother to 7 magickal individuals; a major procrastinator; Crazy-Cat-Lady; and chocoholic. She writes books on witchcraft, the tarot, and Feminine Spirituality (published by Labyrinth House, Moon Books, and Dodona Books). She's an avid blogger; a pagan activist; a holistic healer through crystals and stones-- by means of crystal grids and chakra balancing. Amythyst offers Spiritual Psychic Consultations using tarot cards and the art of intuitive reading. If you'd like a personal reading with her, visit her tarot website at: "Every Cat Has a Tale" is her Personal-Blog-Spot, which includes everyday life and its dilemmas, as well as victories, memoirs, opinions, along with inspiration for mundane life, with personal photos and videos. "Magickal Connections" is her witchy, pagan, booky BlogSpot. "The Witch's Corner" is her very popular witchy pagan website full of witchy pagan stuff.

4 thoughts on “Women, Sex, Relationships & Magick

  1. I don’t have Tumbler, is there any other way to view your post Amythyst?

  2. Well put! I never understood the be all and end all focus so many women (and girls) have on “A Man” either! I remember being totally bewildered by my best friend’s attitude to needing and wanting a BOYFRIEND in high school. I would like to find my life partner, and I’m not that young any more and I would really like to have a child, but there is still lots in life in addition to romantic possibilities, they aren’t the focal point by any means! And why a person would expend vast amounts of energy on someone dishonest or who you cannot trust or even worse doesn’t want you loses me entirely! (May I add that goes for men who want to keep, or to have back women who have cheated on them, … don’t get that either!)

    May I just add to your otherwise excellent thoughts that perhaps if someone did/does mean that much to a person maybe a healing spell, and/or cleansing ritual, something to help to release them peacefully from the person’s life and emotional being so they can mend inside and move on might be a good first step?

    Grey Dove

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