Women, Sex, Relationships & Magick

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4 thoughts on “Women, Sex, Relationships & Magick

  1. Well put! I never understood the be all and end all focus so many women (and girls) have on “A Man” either! I remember being totally bewildered by my best friend’s attitude to needing and wanting a BOYFRIEND in high school. I would like to find my life partner, and I’m not that young any more and I would really like to have a child, but there is still lots in life in addition to romantic possibilities, they aren’t the focal point by any means! And why a person would expend vast amounts of energy on someone dishonest or who you cannot trust or even worse doesn’t want you loses me entirely! (May I add that goes for men who want to keep, or to have back women who have cheated on them, … don’t get that either!)

    May I just add to your otherwise excellent thoughts that perhaps if someone did/does mean that much to a person maybe a healing spell, and/or cleansing ritual, something to help to release them peacefully from the person’s life and emotional being so they can mend inside and move on might be a good first step?

    Grey Dove

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