The Witch’s Corner ~ not to be confused with “The Witch”

While you’re out and about, you might as well stop in at my website:  The Witch’s Corner, not to be confused with the new movie that just came out (The Witch), which I saw by the way.  It contains every negative scary stereotype there is about European witches of medieval times, but was I offended?– No.  I thought it was a hoot, and I LOVED the ending.  I sat there cackling in the Movie Theatre, probably perplexing or scaring nearby theatre goers, but I couldn’t help it….and now I want my own adorable precious black ram, because we all know that this is JUST A MOVIE, and that this beautiful animal was really not evil, and that his trainer probably spent a great deal of time teaching him to stand on his hind legs and dance!  (I won’t require tricks of my black ram, I will only expect him to stay out of my flower beds and garden.)

Here’s the Official banner you’ll find at my website (so you’ll know when you’ve arrived):
And here’s the banner I use at the Facebook Page set up in honor of my website, The Witch’s Corner (it’s a little scarier, and more serious, so by golly, you’ll know you’re dealing with a real live witch here)…cackle:
And here’s the banner that I dearly love (it’s very dramatic), but I don’t use because I think it might send people screaming.  We don’t want to scare anyone.  (It’s the skull, maybe, people get all nervous and uneasy when it comes to art like this, but I think it’s beautiful!)
Do you have a preference?
Which banner do you like?

4 thoughts on “The Witch’s Corner ~ not to be confused with “The Witch”

  1. My husband and I saw the movie “The Witch” two weeks ago. Two hours wasted, a gift card from Yule wasted……I was angry and bored out of my mind. When the black goat stood up, I thought, “Ok, it’s going to shapeshift into something else….nope, it just headbutted the dad.” When the teen girl finally came upon the witches in the woods, I thought, “Now it’ll get interesting!” Then the credits…..that was it. I said out loud, “Well, THAT SUCKED!” If you haven’t seen it yet, save your money and don’t go.

    The banners? #1 is my favorite for new visitors to your site. I personally like #2. #3, the woman is not to scale to the other items in the banner (otherwise it’s cool, too).

    • Hello, Lisa! Thank you for stopping at my blog, and thank you for your movie critique! Everyone will have a different opinion and spin on their impression of a movie (book, painting, etc.), and your viewpoint will give another perspective.

      The banners…I was thinking #1 for the same reason. I didn’t want something too dramatic or darkly witchy to scare off newcomers to my website. (Because everyone knows that we’re really NOT dramatic, dark, or scary, at least most of us aren’t.) #2 is my second choice also, and it’s this banner that I use on The Witch’s Corner FB page: It kind of reminds me of a New Orleans hoodoo atmosphere, something right out of the movie The Skeleton Key.

    • I like the first one too, commercially speaking, because it’s demure and girly and shouldn’t be intimidating or scary to first-time visitors to my website. (I have a lot of people coming to check out tarot, or crystals and such, and they’re sometimes a little taken aback by the “witchy” things. (“The Witch’s Corner”, you’d think they’d be prepared.) But the response has almost always been positive with a little intrigue thrown in. I’m so into the Vintage Steampunk art right now; I know this fad has probably already peaked, but never-the-less.

      Also, the movie– I predict that this will once more set off a “Witch Craze” throughout the media. There will be renewed interest in witchcraft and witches, in their real lives, and in more fictional stories about witches. Mark my words. If you see this movie, let me know what you think. As a movie, strictly speaking, I love how it was done, the camera work, the sets, the costumes. I also appreciated the dialogue. I love watching movies that are period pieces, but I like them best when they stay authentic to the era they are set in; so I took note of the fact that the dialogue doesn’t accidently drop modern phrases or slang.

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