Special Offers! ~ From The Witch’s Corner

Special Offers!


These special offers will be found for a limited time at my website:
The Witch’s Corner


Protection Spell Kit

This kit includes ~ 1 Guardian Angel Poppet; 1 bottle of Protection Oil;
1 white 5″ taper candle; 5 incense cones; 1 burlap drawstring bag 10″X6″.

The value of this kit is $42.99; but for a limited time,
I’m offering the Protection Spell Kit at the reduced price of:



Deluxe Mini-Poppet Spell Bag ~ Love

Spell Bag !

Only SIX of these spell bags are available for this SPECIAL OFFER!

This Kit Includes ~ 1)  the poppet; 2) a white taper candle; 3) incense; 4) straight pins (which can be used to attach personal concerns to your poppet, such as a name-paper, a scrap of material from clothing, etc.).  Of course, you may have your own ideas for using the straight pins; 5) 1 jar of Love Oil; 6) an adorable “Love” bag

*Note ~ I was only able to get 6 of these adorable little “Love” bags.  However, you may still purchase “Deluxe Mini-Poppet Spell Bags” on the spell bag page (at the regular price), and the bags will come in a variety of styles and color.


The value of this Deluxe Mini-Poppet Spell Bag is $39.99; but for a limited time I’m offering the Deluxe Mini-Poppet Spell Bag ~ Love at the reduced price of:



1 The Witchs Corner


3 thoughts on “Special Offers! ~ From The Witch’s Corner

  1. You are the hardest witch in the world to get a hold of. I looked for a link to contact you but couldn’t find it. I apologize for leaving a comment here but…..you have probably noticed that we had started advertising different Pagan authors on our site. We came to the realize that we have enough Pagan authors in our community and we need to support them more than others. After we discussed this you were the first person that came to mind. I was wondering if you had any books that you would like for us to feature on our site. It is totally free. We link the book to the spot it is for sell and also a link back to your site. This is just our way of supporting our Pagan community. I sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to advertise one of your books. You are very knowledgeable and I believe our members would benefit a great deal by reading your books. Please think it over and let me know.
    Blessings, Peace & Comfort,
    Lady A
    Witches Of The Craft

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