March Mid-Month Zodiac Tarot Updates! (video)

Time Stamps:  Aquarius/1:17; Capricorn/2:57; Pisces/3:41; Aries/4:49; Taurus/5:49; Gemini/6:38; Cancer/8:09; Leo/9:10; Virgo/10.00; Libra/10:54; Scorpio/11:35; Sagittarius/12:31

Don’t miss the pretty photos at the end of the video!

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1 thought on “March Mid-Month Zodiac Tarot Updates! (video)

  1. March’s Mid-Month Zodiac readings are out…These mid-month readings are going to be short and sweet and to the point. And I’m going to keep them this way from now on out. We’ll save the longer more in-depth readings for the beginning of the month. I’m also going to free myself up when doing these videos in so many ways– I’ve added my own “commercial” at the mid-way point, as well as photos at the end– and these photos at the tail end of the videos might get more random and unexpected. I’m also going to include other information, like live in-house tarot reading dates, or anything else I feel like passing on to the viewers…Blessings!
    [There is a “discussion” page that goes with my channel, I wasn’t aware of it for a long time, and after I discovered it, I’ve become obssessed with it, it’s a good place to leave updates– I am easily entertained ]
    Here’s the link ~

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