Zodiac Tarot Readings for April 2016! Find your Sign! (video)

This past weekend I spent an entire three days filming, editing, and uploading April’s astrological horoscope readings for the Sun signs (Moon signs, Rising signs).  This month I stuck with my very old, very battered Rider/Waite deck, and I chose only 4 cards for each sign.  These videos are getting so difficult to load at Youtube, that I’ve cut down the time per video; this is one reason you don’t see me shuffle and choose the cards for any of the signs, it adds HOURS to the upload time at Youtube.

The readings were interesting, as usual, and I noticed a recurring theme throughout many of these videos for several signs, and that was The Moon.  Whether the implications are going with the positive face of this card ~ the goddess, matriarchal divinity, feminine mysteries, magic, as well as esoteric power and knowledge; OR the more traditional meaning behind The Moon ~ deception; it’s hard to say.  Watch the videos and come to your own conclusion.

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would LIKE & SHARE these videos.  I’m going to be creating these monthly zodiac readings through August 2016, at which time I will re-evaluate whether there is enough interest in these videos, and enough viewers,  to warrant all the work  it takes to produce them.

If you want me to continue Monthly Zodiac Tarot Readings, let me know!

If you know your Moon or Rising signs, there may be more than one of these videos that will resonate with you, and actually, some months your Moon and Rising signs may make a stronger connection than your Sun sign. In this description, you’ll find links to free calculators that will help you find your Moon & Rising signs. If you would like a PERSONAL reading with me, follow the link in this description box to my tarot website.

Rising Sign Calculator: http://www.horoscopeswithin.com/calculate.php

Moon Sign Calculator: http://www.lunarium.co.uk/moonsign/calculator.jsp#.VfmkXOlRHIV

If you would like a Personal Reading with me, follow this link:

BOOKS, by author Amythyst Raine @ Amazon ~ http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B004NMWMX4



2 thoughts on “Zodiac Tarot Readings for April 2016! Find your Sign! (video)

    • Thank you, Lisa. I would also like to point out to people that a reading will always be relevant. I may start producing these readings 3 each week instead of trying to pop them out 12 in three days! (It’s grueling) I have a feeling, with these monthly zodiac readings, that people think they must read the monthly reading at the beginning of the month in which they’re taped and that this is the only time they’re relevant. Actually, these readings are timeless, filled with some sort of inspiration and guidance that will ALWAYS be useful, uplifting, or entertaining whenever you watch it. That’s also why I added the 12 playlists for each of the twelve signs at my website, so that people could follow their signs through several readings, watching everything unfold as they go along, or picking up something that they may have missed or forgotten since they originally viewed their reading.

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