My Personal Book of Shadows ~ Shared with you! (video)
My personal book of shadows is one of my most treasured possessions.  It’s not only full of spells, recipes for potions, and all the usual witchy things; it’s also full of photos, mementos, and things that make up a witch’s life as she travels her path.

If you haven’t started your book of shadows yet, I have a few helpful ideas; and if you do have a book of shadows, I hope you enjoy this video as I share mine with you…Blessings, Amythyst


3 thoughts on “My Personal Book of Shadows ~ Shared with you! (video)

  1. Absolutely loved your video and your BoS! I love how you have things taped to your pages (feathers, herbs) and wonder what tape and plastic you use. I was going to hand copy my BoS, including print outs and hand outs from various websites and classes, then I decided to only copy old hand-written rituals (because my handwriting from 20+ years ago is not neat and is difficult for me to read easily, so I definitely want to pass something on to my daughter that she will be able to read).
    My next thought was, “I wonder how much that weighs?” I am using three-ring binders also, something I learned way back in my beginner days.
    Many blessings!

    • It’s packing tape! The same super sticky, sometimes very irritating, tape that I use to wrap around packages before shipping them. I’m pretty sure that the herbs in that BOS are going to stay where I taped them, no matter how long ago it was! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! Every book of shadows is unique to its owner. I love looking at other witches’ ideas.

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