“The Witch’s Corner” is Moving to a New Webhost!

Just a note ~ My website, The Witch’s Corner (ladyamythyst.com) is being moved to a new web host. The cost for renewing the premium subscription has grown too expensive. I’m concentrating on moving my services and magickal merchandise first, the info and other pages will come later.

Here’s a link to the new home for The Witch’s Corner:




3 thoughts on ““The Witch’s Corner” is Moving to a New Webhost!

      • Thank you, Lisa! It’s kind of daunting task, and yet it isn’t. I’ve been meaning to clean up and clear out my website for a long time, so the surprise big money fee for another 2 years of premium just kind of gave me the nudge to do it, only in a different way than I imagined! I’m trying to realize that it took me 9 years to get The Witch’s Corner built to what it is, so it’s going to take some tweaking to get a new spot exactly the way I want it. I’m concentrating on just getting material moved first.

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