Capricorn ~ Zodiac Tarot Reading for August (video!)


Capricorn ~ August Reading 2016
The Deck:  Tarot Illuminati, art by Erik C. Dunne, book by Kim Huggens
The Witch’s Corner ~
The Tarot Parlour ~
Magickal Connections ~

BOOKS, by author Amythyst Raine @ Amazon ~
Music ~
Avec Soin – Romance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


2 thoughts on “Capricorn ~ Zodiac Tarot Reading for August (video!)

  1. Wow, wonderful job on this Amythyst! You have no idea! I know exactly what is referred to here and the new info I got is that perhaps little or none of what was learned is actually useful and not only do I need to follow my intuition more closely without this influence, I need to take even further steps on eliminating not only this pair and their energy, but that I may have actually learned things that I need to unlearn. There is way more to this of course (hahaha) but very interesting! 😀

    • Hi, Lisa!!…I LOVE your feedback! The only way to know if I’m hitting the mark and picking up on the correct energy is by feedback, which most people don’t leave. Now I can give that Little-Voice-In-My-Head a little nod of acknowledgement. 🙂

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