Historical Accuracy & the Modern Practicing Pagan

Historical Accuracy ~ There is a deluge of internet blogs on this topic, and I’ve read many of them in open-awed wonder at the closed-minded, in-the-box, impossible silliness of all the rhetoric.  Historical Accuracy, really?  You want “Historical Accuracy” in your practice?  You want to do things 100% the way they were originally done centuries ago?  As one charming witch put it, “…Well then, how’s your Human Sacrifice coming along, and when was the last time you led livestock to a bog?”

And let’s get one thing straight before we go any further ~  “Historical Accuracy”, trying to replicate the precise practices of ancient people who no longer exist towards an ancient deity with no fully documented information is not the same thing as respect for modern indigenous people and their active spiritual practices.  (In other words, I won’t be holding a Lakota Sioux ceremony in my backyard anytime soon.)

But when I’m told I need “permission” to set up an altar to Kuan Yin in my home, it gets my blood riled.  Ask permission?  From whom?  The Chinese government?…they’re communist. If you want to nitpick at “rules” for your spirituality, look at it this way– I’m not breaking any laws.  Under our American Constitution I’m expressing my “Freedom of Religion”.  I doubt that my home is going to be deluged with spiritual police carting away my Kuan Yin statue like some sort of illegal contraband.

Too many people have way too much time on their hands which they’ve spent in some sort of fruitless pursuit of a “Perfect Spiritual Practice”.  It’s time for the Historical Accuracy Bandwagon to park itself.

I’m including in this blog post a video by Molly Roberts on this exact topic.  She puts it way more eloquently than I can ~


8 thoughts on “Historical Accuracy & the Modern Practicing Pagan

  1. Amazing post! I feel like this really needed to be pointed out, especially for those of us who have taken history courses and understand that it can be fragmented.

    I am often historically inaccurate on purpose, simply because some ancient practices do not apply to modern times. For example, my practice involves a Goddess with lots of milk in her mythology ^.^ Yet refuse to drink any sort of milk.

    Why not? Because the milk I can purchase now is not the same. Milk now may come from cruel sources and may contain growth hormones and antibiotics. And it is illegal to sell milk straight from the animal in my state.

    I love your Kuan Yin example.
    Many Blessings )O(
    ~*Moody Thursday*~

    • Thank you for taking the time to reply, MT! I love the idea of purposely deviating from historical accuracy (there goes human sacrifice). You point out the common sense of it all, and I also feel that divinity touches each individual in a unique way with a very personal connection. No one can understand how a single individual is touched by a particular deity. It’s such a personal private thing… I love your videos, by the way, would you leave us a link to your channel?

  2. This rocks Amythyst! 😀 Now, while I might decide to be careful about how to blend certain energies as to not potentially make something more complicated than it has to be (which can give results not exactly expected in my experience), who would I be to tell anyone what to do here? And yeah, if there is an asking involved, how about directly asking the source? Just another way for people who feel powerless to create a fake image of being better than others when they are just masking their insecurities (and often not that well)! 😀 ❤

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