Double Dreams ~ Anyone care to Interpret this?

The other night, on my way to see a movie with my daughters, I told them about my dream the night before.  One of my daughters was intensely excited when I told her that I had a disturbing dream the night before because she said she did too, and she wanted to compare them.  As I started relating my dream to her, she said, “Oh, my!”, and virtually started bouncing in her seat.

My dream ~  There was a shadowy beginning part that was dark and ominous, like black and white quickened clips from a horror movie, most of which slipped from my mind for the most part, except that it involvd “A Man”.  This man had something to do with the second part of this dream, which in contrast is starkly blazened on my mind.  Some dreams are like that, I believe, because they are more than just an ordinary dream.  And this was one of those dreams.

The second part…There was a knock on my front door.  I opened and heard someone say, “The police want to talk to you.”  (Your stomach kind of goes ‘thud’ when you hear those words.)  I went outside, where there was a squad car with two officers sitting in the front seat.  I stood by the passenger side, and the officer opened the car door.  He was holding a child’s baby doll in his hands.  He was crying , and he was retching, and he was trying to get ready to tell me something.

I realized in one sickening moment that it had to be something unusually gruesome and extremely horrific because of his reaction.  I don’t think I wanted to hear what he was going to say.  I woke myself up, which sounds odd, but I believe that I deliberately pulled myself from this dream.

My daughter’s dream ~ My daughter told me that she also dreamed of “A Man” on the same night.  She said it was a terrible frightening dark and horrific nightmare.  The man kidnapped her, and she said she tried and tried to escape from him..but she couldn’t.

If anyone reading this is interested in interpreting either of these dreams, or in posting an interpretation behind both dreams together, please feel free to do so in the comment boxes below.  Needless to say, the dreams themselves were scary enough to each of us who had them, but after we put them together, I must admit, we’re a little creeped out.

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7 thoughts on “Double Dreams ~ Anyone care to Interpret this?

  1. Hello,

    I’ve been interpreting dreams most of my life since I was a child. I know this is July but hope all is still well with you and your family.

    Just a bit of information about interpretation:

    Key things to notice is what is important to you in your waking life. How are people, positions, authority representative to you in your waking life? Since everyone has different experiences with life and what affects them, most things, are person specific in how they are interpreted. Ask yourself when waking “how did I feel about it”. And be sure to keep your phone and a recording app to speak what you saw in your dream to go back to it later. Times happen where we can miss important details that the Universe is trying to tell us.

    Now to your dream. This dream you had actually is the easiest to interpret – because your daughter had a connecting dream. However; if you had only had the dream the meaning would be different as it’s usually our subconscious working things out that we haven’t worked out in our waking life.

    Your dream and your daughter’s dream.

    “A Man” how you viewed clips from a black and white movie and it being ominous represent danger . Either it’s something you’ve lived or had knowledge of in your waking presence but that is appearing now as a threat to you in recent times. It could be the Universe’s way of revealing a male figure in or around you is dangerous. This man has also had connection in some way with your daughter or has set his eyes on your daughter (which can represent someone close to you and ‘not’ necessarily your daughter, remember dreams and prophecies are usually symbolic) The same goes with “A Man” could be representative of someone or something moving behind the scenes and/or being untrustworthy.

    Police represent authority – but notice that they did not come to your door. Which is typical in the waking life if they are bringing sensitive news of anyone passing away. You went out to meet them outside of your home. Police will never have someone to tell you to meet them outside to give bad news.

    This means that the danger has not reached official channels. Meaning everyone is still okay. This also means that the Police are keeping watch outside of the home where danger can happen. The doll he was holding represented innocence and was a clear indicator that it represented someone you loved. The Police officer in this dream is YOU.

    Police officers watch, serve and protect. That’s what mother’s do as well. When you reached the passenger side of the vehicle he (you) held the doll and was retching. Again, this retching goes back to the beginning of your dream – the man (or situation) you don’t trust that’s shadowy. You are out of control in your waking life (or feel like you are) in being able to protect your children.

    Your daughter’s dream is one in the same. She has been taken and couldn’t get away – her ability to feel that she isn’t protected and that something has happened out of her control.

    This dream can be representative of maybe a move for your daughter to a new school (or maybe she’s going away to school) where you will not be able to protect her as closely as you are used to doing. Or, this dream can be prophetic. Watch those who come close to you and keep aware of your surroundings.

    Unfortunately, only you can interpret which one it means when you compare it to your waking life. Since I don’t know you personally, I’m unable to tell you definitely which one it means for you and your daughter – but you will know.

    Light and blessings,


  2. You should definitely take a look at the books of Robert Moss. I did read ‘Dreaming the soul back home’ and he speaks, among a ton on new ideas for me, of group of people dreaming the same dream.
    He mostly writes about lucid dreaming, which is sooo appealing to me and open ways to play and experiment at a beginner level :).
    You can also watch the video ‘Robert Moss – The Dream is a Place’ on youtube.

  3. It seems to me you and your daughter are picking up on something. See if you can both do a cleansing, releasing or blessing in a fashion that may release this negativity. I don’t know if this was a literal warning or if it is more spiritual or symbolic, but a cleanse and maybe a banishment or protection could be needed. Keep us all posted!

  4. I wish I could interpret the dream! So I feel incredibly dumb to put this here I dont know if you read the comments. Last night I dreamt I was out shopping with you (im 95% it was you). We were looking in a mirror you had a candle and you said there was an interesting Pueblo story of a woman and an animal but I can’t remember what kind now. It is extremely weird for me to have dreams of peopl I never met and more odd for me to have a strong desire to post anything so I am leaving this here just incase you or someone does have a story…

    • Hello, Jamie! And thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

      How intriguing!… My response to your dream:

      At the beginning of this week an author was into the shop where I work and she wanted to know if I was familiar with any illustrators. She’s writing a book about Native American animal myths and legends. I find your dream to be incredibly intuitive. My advise to you would be ~ Don’t ignore your dreams.

      Do you keep a dream journal? If not, maybe you’d like to start one.

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