Updated ~ FREE Reading, Pick-a-Card

Welcome, March! The FREE Pick-a-Card tarot reading has been UPDATED. Scroll down, it’s a busy page. Have fun and enjoy! Courtesy of THE TAROT PARLOUR, Tarot Readings with Amythyst Raine ~




2 thoughts on “Updated ~ FREE Reading, Pick-a-Card

    • Woot! 🙂 (and I’m not even going to ask which one) Did you know that after all the hoopla on the video about loading it ONLY on the tarot page at The Tarot Parlour, the file was too large to load there, and I had to load it at Vimeo and embed it at the tarot site. I was working on this little 10 minute video All Day! (I didn’t want to load it at my Youtube channel.)

      Hugz, Lady– hope you are doing peachy keen. I think this is going to be a margarita night!

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