The Voice Says “Look” ~ And “Look Again”

It’s happened only a handful of times in my lifetime. It’s happened for family members, it’s happened for an acquaintance, it’s happened for a stranger that I would see on a daily basis from a distance, and now it’s happened for a location, which I never anticipated possible.

First, you sense a strange physical sensation, it’s very subtle, and then the voice says, “Look”, and so you do. And then it says, “Look again”. And you can’t help turning to stare with morbid intensity and fascination at the individual in question. You watch as they walk past you, drive past you, going about their business in total obliviousness. It feels like a pivotal life-changing moment. And it is, for them.

They all leave an indelible impression, but there are some who stand out more in my mind than others…two family members; the young man whom I hardly knew at a party; there was the total stranger I would meet at the same time everyday as we drove across the overpass; and finally, there was not an individual, but a location.

What does this strange phenomenon herald?


The man in the small green pickup on the overpass still haunts me. I drive this route everyday, this location where one day when we meet, everything seems to start moving in slow motion, and the voice says, “Look”. And I do. And it says, “Look again”. And I do, with that strange fixated intensity; I can’t stop looking. I really look at the driver for the first time, seeing details, as we’re both moving in opposite directions, but in that strange slow motion.

I see a young man in his late 20s or early 30s. I see the red baseball cap and the soft brown hair around the edges of it. I see the thick lensed black-framed glasses and the white t-shirt. I see his hands on the steering wheel and the look of concentration on his face. I look at him until we’ve passed, and then I watch his vehicle in my rear-view mirror until he disappears over the hill.

I have never spoken about this odd sense of premonition to anyone before, but I did after this experience. I told my daughters. I told them that I wish I knew who this young man was. I told them that if I knew where to find him, I might try to find enough courage to approach him, knowing I would sound like a crazy woman. I would tell him to take a different route, at least for a while. I told them that something awful was going to happen to this young man.

And it did.

One day, when we were outside in our front yard, the neighbor came home. He got out of his pickup and approached us, looking stunned. He said he’d just come home on the overpass, and that there had been a terrible accident. He said that a white van had plowed into several vehicles at a great speed. He said there were bodies and mangled vehicles everywhere, and it was the worst thing he’d ever seen. He was so pale, and breathless, and he looked dazed.

The over-pass is only a few blocks from our home.

We got in our vehicle and went to the edge of the highway east of our house, where we could see the overpass clearly, we were so close. And to my shock, there was the young man’s small green pickup, the driver’s door flung open, sitting cross-ways in the highway. When he was hit, he had been thrown from his pickup, at the top of the overpass, and had landed on the railroad tracks below. He was one of many casualties from this accident.

I think about him almost every time I drive over this hill.

Premonitions ~ Why do some people experience them? Is it odd that the experience is not necessarily a one-time thing, but something that can occur a number of times? What good is the ability to have a premonition if you can’t do anything to create a positive outcome? Where do premonitions come from? Who’s voice do I hear?


5 thoughts on “The Voice Says “Look” ~ And “Look Again”

    • Thank you for a great link, Jamie! This article brought up a lot of interesting aspects about premonitions and intriguing reasons why some people experience them. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂

  1. You are hearing your voice, your Higher Self, which you here today are a fragment of. I use premonitions all the time in my personal life to wake me up to immediate dangers for that day. So I change my route, I warn my family members if they are involved in the premonitions. So I use premonitions for personal use. Then there are those, like you, that do premonitions for the community. Like your young man. My son was among 33,000 people around the world that ‘saw’ the Twin Towers attack in 2001 before it happened.The 33,000 number comes from a website that allows people with premonitions to write them down. 33,000 wrote them down anywhere from 3 months to 2 weeks before the event. I am sure there were many more, like my son, who didn’t know of this website. So he wasn’t a part of those 33,000. He also ‘saw’ the 2004 Indonesia tsunami. I believe that those people, like you and my son, have an ability that those like me who use premonitions for personal use don’t have or use. You are people who are able to ‘see’ for your community. That is the purpose of this ability. In the ancient times, Native American groups had their own intuitive personalities. They called him or her many terms depending on the group. For simplicity sake, let’s call them shamans. These people were called upon when the group came into crisis and needed someone to ‘see’ where the group needed to move to, a place that was safe for them, or a place that had food for them. Things like that. Now these people did not make policy. That was for the council to decide for the group. What these shamans did was see possibilities that were positive or negative for the group’s experience, and then present these possibilities for deliberation by the chief and council. Today, we still have these people but they are not considered a vital part of our group any longer. But that is changing due to the internet. Today their voices can be heard again. So what do you do with this ability? Well, today you can blog about what you ‘see’ for your community, for your group, for other groups. I think these people who intuit for the larger community now have a place once again where they can use their ability to ‘see’ and get it out there for us. A voice in the wilderness, so to speak. Today people who have these kind of premonitions are evolving to do their work for a larger community, and not just for personal use for their own group. The ability to do premonitions can also be described by science and math, that is quantum physics and fractal mathematics. That is, we now have quantum physics and fractal math to help us understand on a deeper level how some of us are ‘tuned’ into other things going on besides mundane routines. Today we can explain how those ancient shamans, seers, oracles, could do what they did. Good workings, Amethyst. And thank you from me for being brave enough to talk about this ongoing process of our current crop of seers, shamans, oracles. There are many out there wandering in isolation and they need to know that they are one of many and that they are not alone in this. Not to be afraid, but to practice with their ability and get better at using their ability to help themselves, their families, their friends, and their larger community.

  2. Wow I think I just had this happen too! A few days ago in the bath I heard a loud crash in my mind and then “they are going to shoot”. It was so odd I wondered am I going nuts here? A few hours later I walked past a tv to see there had been a shooting in a military hospital. I too wondered why would I have this occur when I could do nothing. Besides who the hell would believe me? Unlike you I didn’t have a who or where. Anyway maybe we pick up random energy? Maybe you had the experience so you could write the article so others, like me, know hey your not alone?

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