Q&A ~ Ack! Tarot Reversals, You Didn’t Reading it the RIGHT WAY!

This is going to be a quick blog post.  The following is a comment/question left on one of my videos at my Youtube Channel.  Here’s a link ~

Organizing Your Life to Reach Goals ~ 5-30-2017

This question is from Scorpio Rising:

Do you read all cards in the spread as upright (even when turned over as reversed) in your readings? The first card was King of Pentacles reversed, but you read it as upright. I am of the understanding that a reversed card would or should render the meaning differently.

My response:

Hello, Scorpio Rising!… Sometimes reversed cards are significant, and sometimes they’re not.  You have to learn to pick up and listen to your intuition, it will let you know.  I read using the intuitive method, and I would hope that all readers eventually get to this point.  It takes you outside the box of set rigid traditional card meanings and interpretations.  If a reader can’t get past this mental box, their readings will be mechanical and repetitive, they won’t be able to really see the story, to hear what the cards (and Spirit) are trying to tell them.  I didn’t necessarily read the King of Pentacles as upright, because his more negative side was coming through, and this is how it works for me.  When this card comes up in another reading, for another client, it may present an entirely different picture, which may or may not have anything to do with the traditional meanings for this card, whether upright or reversed .  For me, tarot cards are just a trigger to poke my psychic senses and turn me in the right direction, the rest is coming from me (my mind, my brain, my intuition, wherever it is that second sight comes from).  Everyone’s psychic abilities are unique, and it works differently for every individual.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A ~ Ack! Tarot Reversals, You Didn’t Reading it the RIGHT WAY!

  1. That is exactly how it is for me too Amythyst! 🙂 If my cards come out reversed, all it does is say, “Pay attention.” I allow the intuition to come (I am mostly claircognizant). Court cards can be trickier as they often do represent other people more than a quality of experience or an event. And they often change meaning for different clients, even back to back (and dare I say just as often they mean the same exact thing, as timing can show clients having the very same questions and needing the very same answers, and when that happened, I double checked to make sure I was not mixing up the sessions, and only once was it that I didn’t clear the prior client’s energy all the way out of the cards, and that was remedied quickly upon realizing it.) Thank you for such an amazing response! 🙂 ❤

    • I’m amazed when the occasional person will come along and say “you’re doing it wrong”. Psychic experiences, and how an individual’s personal psychic abilities work, are such a unique process. There is no “wrong way”, there’s only “your way”.

      I love court cards! For me, more often than not, they will represent an individual and their unique personality, or they will represent aspects of my clients personality, or they will represent an energy surrounding my client. No two readings are ever alike, and they shouldn’t be.

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