Ask the Witch ~ Oh, Boy, the Questions I Get!

The following are actual questions that are laced in the comments on this blog from various pages.  You would think some of the answers to these questions would be obvious to the people asking them, but it’s often hard for people caught up in negative circumstances, or a negative frame of mind, to view their situation honestly and to clearly see what’s needed to fix it.  I’m delighted that people feel comfortable enough at Magickal Connections to ask what they want to ask.  I sincerely try to think of the best answer, the most helpful answer, the most needed answer possible to each and every individual leaving a question.  If anyone else has some good advice to pass along to these people, please do so with a comment.  Fresh insight is always appreciated!  *Note:  I’m posting the questions unedited, as they appear in the original post.

Let the Magick Find You

#1 ~ Greeting Queen Amythyst, first of all I think your presence is so beautiful, well I have a trial that is suppose to start the 23rd of this month. It has been going for at least a year now and they have charged me with felon poss. of a firearm. Well I’m tired of going back and forth (which I know the universe is working) so I simply want the court cases to either disappear or for the case to get dismissed/not guilty. I have been to jail before and it’s something i never want to do again. I’m considering the beef tongue spell for the outcome I’m looking for along with something to help on me not ever going to jail again. If there’s anything else that you think you could shine some light on please feel free! Thanks in advance

My Reply ~

Just a quick note here before we get to the specifics… If you don’t want to ever go to jail again, one sure way to prevent this from happening is not to break the law. I know, this seems so obvious, but for some reason the universe insisted I say it.

One word of caution, and that is that the universe, the laws of karma, they all work towards justice and proper endings. There are spells out there that should not be cast if you’re actually guilty, because the energy will come back to bite you. Think about this before you resort to spell casting for this situation. If you’re actually not guilty, then go for it with a clean conscience and pure intentions.

This is my little light, and I hope it’s shining! Best wishes for your future.

#2 ~ My ex has decided to just come back into my life, use and discard my body and emotions and I was looking for a binding spell. I wanted to make sure #3 was the most appropriate for the occasion. I’m tired of him popping up whenever he feels like and then disappear like nothing ever happened.

My Reply ~

Excuse me…Your ex “decided” to come back into your life? You sound as though you don’t realize that You have a choice here, that You can make a decision about whether you want this individual to come back into your life or not. Spells are okay, and I’m not saying that you don’t need one, or could not successfully use one. But before we resort to spell casting, lets take a good look at the situation and what you could do mundanely to correct it.

If you’re tired of this man popping up in your life and using you: 1) Cut all ties, and I mean all ties. Sometimes, even without knowing it, we might send mixed signals to an ex… I’m done with you– but it’s okay if you still call and I’ll talk to you, or it’s okay if we still see each other occasionally, or it’s okay for you to interfere in my life. CUT ALL TIES 2) If your ex does not take this finality well, or still tries contacting you, and you’ve exhausted all efforts to stop this, like changing your phone number, blocking him on social sites, etc.; it’s time to get a restraining order and make it official. 3) Stop allowing someone to control you; find your inner strength; know that you are an adult, not a toy for this individual to play with at will.

First try the mundane way. If you do, and you’ve done all the important things you have to do to keep this individual away and they still wind up in your life…then pull out the magick.

I’m Cuban we only do spells for health,wealth,luck,and cleanses. unable to go to Cuba I Was desperate So I got help from a very old Mexican lady we know to help bring me and my hubby together that PEOPLE SPENT YEARS doing voodoo to break us up. She took me to Bury our names on paper, birthdays,pics,and his socks in a grave yard with pins and very colorful ribbons i HEARD it’s for separation. Is it true please help.

My Reply ~

First, Since you said that you’re Cuban and can’t do this type of spell (a love spell to reunite a couple), I’m trying to wrap my mind around the difference between just doing a love spell on your own, or participating with someone else to do a love spell. In any case, the fact that you participated with this lady means– you did the spell, honey. Second, how do you know that people were doing voodoo to break you up? Most of the time, people involved in this kind of activity are very discreet. And more often than not, when a couple’s relationship is just done and over, it’s just done and over naturally, all on it’s own. Not all relationships are meant to last forever.

About the spell, I’ve never heard of it. And again, trying to figure out why you would think that someone who did a spell for you (or with you) would be working a spell for the opposite outcome that you intended.

Beware of paranoia.

#4 ~ I have a question with binding. If someone is binding you would you have a dream off someone cutting you ooen and takes just your internal organs and sews you up. I also am an angelic being thats been reincarnated.

My Reply ~

I don’t do dream interpretations. The symbolism involved is so unique and personal to every individual that it’s hard to say what a dream like this might mean. It could mean that you’re afraid of showing your true inner-self to most people, or it could mean you watched a slasher movie before bed. Hard to say. I would say that if someone bound you, you would no longer be able to do, say, or indulge in whatever it is that they bound you from. That’s the whole purpose behind a binding.

#5 ~ Will burning these candles one timework do i have to burn them. Again suppose they turn black while they are burning do i to burn them a gain ehere does i get these herbs from can i put more than one person name in the can dle do i buried the glass to [*Note:  this question pertains to a spell on the “Command & Compel” page at this blog… ]

My Reply ~

I’m killing two birds with one stone here ~ The answer is yes to both questions. When bringing something to you, keep the remnants from your spell in a safe place, or even in a place that is fitting the intention, that is the “stuff” from a love spell under your bed; a mojo bag filled with the remnants from a money spell in your purse; etc. Second question: not only is it okay to do a spell more than once on the same person for a different request; it’s also okay to repeat a spell on occasion, especially when you’d like to add a different twist to the outcome, for the same request…. also, I don’t really think the word “request” is quite right in these situations, but since this is how you worded your question, this is how I answered it, thinking it would be easier for you to understand. A spell by no means is a “request”. When you cast a spell you are deliberately and willfully manipulating energy in the universe to manifest a change, to move energy, and it certainly will. The word “request” implies that you are asking for something.

#6 ~ Is this spell white magic?  [*Note:  this question pertains to a spell on the “Command & Compel” page at this blog… ]

My Reply ~

Depending upon the magickal practitioner you ask, you’d probably get a variety of different answers. Even in the occult world there are extremists at both ends. There are the fluffy bunnies who are ever in fear of getting their feet wet and doing some ballsy magic that’s got some in-your-face punch to it because they might offend someone or something, and at the other end of the spectrum are people who love the dark aspect of everything, the darker and more warped the better, and they are always searching for something darker. Personally, I would say this magic falls in the shady gray area. Follow your own moral guides. Cast at your own discretion.

#7 ~ Hello I am just curious about doing the command spell. I watched another witch video and she said to use the Black candle for yourself and the white candle for the person you want to command, but you’re saying do the opposite. So now I am really confused. Also can this command spell be used for a group of people or a entity, ie a company. No one specific person, name unknown.

My Reply ~

“Also can this command spell be used for a group of people or a entity, ie a company. No one specific person, name unknown.”
Yes to all of the above.  And to reiterate what I sent in the email– If you ask 5 witches how to do one particular spell, you’re going to get 5 different answers. Spell crafting is like cooking, and everyone does things just a bit differently and uniquely, suiting to them and their energy and their associations. As I said, “It’s okay if my potato salad is a little different than your potato salad. I’m betting that it’s all good.”

#8 ~ Does good magic really exist?

My Reply ~

Of course it exists. It exists in every healing spell, every spell to bring positive change to someone’s life. It exists in the form of unexplained miracles and connection with the Divine. Good magick can be found everywhere, even in the prayers of people who don’t believe in magick…It’s all “Magick”, honey.



14 thoughts on “Ask the Witch ~ Oh, Boy, the Questions I Get!

  1. I posted this and it went through before my initial comment. I just wanted to ask why you think the lady is paranoid? The one who said she thinks someone is breaking her and hubby up?

    • It’s not offensive at all, Angel, you stated your opinion very eloquently, and you have a genuine question and concern. I welcome an exchange of ideas and opinions at Magickal Connections!

  2. I loved your replies but I just feel the need to say something… obviously it is okay with you in the end to approve or disapprove this comment. But…. you can’t tell people who come for you to get advice that they are paranoid. People out there, especially in arab, latino, indian, asian (basically foreign to white people) some cast spells to break people up just like that, it is something a lot of people in ethnic societies suffer from. I think any Witch would know that. It is called human nature. It is called just being an all-around negative person who gets jealous when others are in a relationship and they’re not. I was coming on my way to ask advice, by way of possibly contacting you and your replies outright shocked me. Especially you telling someone they are paranoid if they think it is even possible.

    • I believe you can tell someone that they are paranoid if they are displaying symptoms of this condition, and I feel they should see a professional caretaker. There were red flags for me in this message. First, this lady participated in a spell that she just told me she wouldn’t/shouldn’t do, as it wouldn’t be acceptable in her culture. Second, after she participated in this ritual, she seems to be wracked with the question of whether the elderly lady who helped her was actually working magick for the opposite effect desired. (This tells me the spell is apparently not working, and she needs an excuse or reason for this that she can justify in her mind.) Third, in many years of tarot reading for people, the most common thing that I have noticed is the inability for people to accept the end of a relationship. Since this woman was working a spell to bring her and her husband together, I can assume that they are not together at the present time. I’ve dealt with many individuals who become overly obsessed and preoccupied with trying to get a spouse or partner back. It’s unhealthy, and it rarely works with positive results. Almost always, when dealing with someone who’s experienced the loss of a relationship, I’ve found that they must blame someone or something for this break. I’ve actually never met anyone who admitted either to me or themselves that their relationship ended because it had ran it’s natural course.

      Although I use magick in my own life, and I help people to use magick in their lives, sometimes you have to take a mundane common approach to a problem.

      • I actually liked your reply. Thanks for answering me and not taking offense to what I said. Most blogs would see this as an attack. Thank you ❤️.

        • Well said Amythyst! I will go further and say that the reason magic(k) is forbidden in many cultures is because honestly, there are many people who are not capable of the repercussions of it. As an extreme example, imagine giving a million dollars to a drug addict whose most important desire is their drug – will they suddenly become balanced healthy individuals? NO! That person may even die of a severe overdose if such a thing were to happen. Magic is an amplifier, for pleasure OR pain, and most people will immediately think of ways to manipulate energies OUTSIDE of themselves that make them feel powerful without having to change (like make someone fall in love with them, or make them rich by winning the lottery) – and that backfires badly, because these desires are not tempered with any foresight. Because of this, I believe whole-heartedly that anyone wishing to get involved in magic go inward and nourish self-development and self-love skills while they are using magic, or better, even beforehand. And if there is mental illness or another condition happening, again, remember magic is an amplifier, and guidance is especially important when there is an inbalance. The saying “be careful what you wish for” is very literal and real! I do NOT believe Amythyst was making a seemingly rash and off-hand judgment here, but instead really wanting to let some people know that you cannot use magic in the ways that many people wish to do so, and then not experience a big backlash! Even those of us who are very careful and really making conscious efforts to align with the spiritual highest good STILL get some backlash if we overlooked something!(And hopefully we learn from it and not repeat it). Magic not for the faint of heart! You may give your personal power away and believe you can blame everything for your problems, but anything you do is still your responsibility, whether you have power or not – it is best to reclaim that personal power. Yes, indeed not all countries experience freedom (and even the USA has had some issues with that the last few decades), but the more you can go inward and own your stuff for good or ill, the better results would be had with magic. There are a few methods of this, a common one is the practice of gratitude and meditation. Best to you and all of you reading this – magic is powerful, and can be TOO much so sometimes! 🙂 ❤

    • Hi, Lisa! How are you doing?! Since going back to work, I feel so disconnected from so many people– it’s my crazy schedule and the long daily commute! I should have one of those “Dear Abby” columns in a newspaper, I’d love it. 🙂

      • Doing well, love this time of year even with all the clearings and intensity! You look great, your family and house look great, and yeah, I bet you’d do really well as a “Dear Abby for Witches” 😉 Hope you’re still loving the white sage! 😀

  3. LOVE your answers. Also, excited that I just saw you have a new book! Exciting – just purchased and can’t wait to get into it!



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