Tarot Deck Review/Unboxing ~ Oracle of Magical Moments

You’ll love this deck, People! It’s got a very vintage feel about it, both the art and the characters. It’s also very whimsical with an “Alice in Wonderland” atmosphere to it. The colors are rich and elegant. It should be at the top of your “must have” list!


2 thoughts on “Tarot Deck Review/Unboxing ~ Oracle of Magical Moments

  1. In my truth and that of human, collective truth…I do not like the new tarot deck. It doesn’t resonate with my soul. It’s too pale and “lily white” from the images I see. Not representative, nor symbolic of humanity. This deck would be counter to my unconscious progression and evolution.

    The only reason I found and finally subscribed to your mailings was because of the Motherpeace deck and the interpretations you have on your site. Now that’s my kind of tarot that aids in my emotional, mental and spiritual progression.

    Thank you!

    Goddess blessings, Mama Surya 🙏🏾 .

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    • Hello, Surya! It’s perfectly okay that there are decks you don’t connect with for whatever reason. That’s true with all of us. It’s just so grand that there are so many creative talented individuals out there who keep producing decks! There’s something for everyone. Motherpeace is one of my favorites! Blessings

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