Today’s Topic ~ Book of Shadows!

Here’s mine.  Would you like to share something about yours?… a comment, or a photo, or a video?  When did you start it?  What kinds of things do you add to it?  How do you organize it?  What are your future plans for it?  Who are you going to pass it to?  Do you let people see it, or are you very secretive about it?  What inspires you?


4 thoughts on “Today’s Topic ~ Book of Shadows!

  1. I love being able to follow your series. Even this old witch learns a thing or 3! Lol… How do you manage everything in one notebook? I finally had to break my sections into separate binders. Especially my herbology, its a 5 inch binder on its own!

    • lol! I’m delighted to hear from mature pagans (like myself)! How do I manage everything in one notebook? I don’t know. Determination, I guess. But I do have other notebooks for lots of things, I have a video at my Youtube channel that will give you an up close look at them. This is such an amazing journey, witchcraft, that there is just no end to the things you can learn, or the time it takes to do so. I’ve often said the learning process never ends, and I believe it can even extend to more than one lifetime.

  2. I have a Harry Potter fan journal I use for classes spells and experience notes I find on my way. However, this is not quite good enough. My book of Shadows us spread out. Between this journal, and my Tumblr for an spuritual experiences. I also have some files from classes with my personalized notes in them. Basically the spells I keep to myself and anything I need to remember. My journeys and crystal grids are spread out around the net and I am planning on modernizing soon, which means my book of shadows will be in a word document! I love that I can insert pics of my spells and special effects. Great question!

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