2 thoughts on “June’s Newsletter is Out!

  1. Hello, Libby! First, I’ve never heard of “E-Spot”, so I’ll have to check that out. Second, it’s sounds like Christian foot-stamping over other people’s beliefs and practices that are different from their beliefs and practices. I find any religion that claims “My way is the only right way” to be appalling and incorrect. Spirituality is an extremely personal path. No one can force their beliefs upon others. For some of us, spirituality is a life time adventure and learning experience.

    Email me the link at witch_of_endore@yahoo.com

  2. I received this note from espot saying witchcraft is demonic and can cost you everything etc etc What type of craft are they talking about ??

    On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 12:38 PM, Magickal Connections wrote:

    > Amythyst Raine posted: “Be sure to take advantage of this month’s “Special > Offer”! You must use the Paypal Widget in this newsletter to purchase > June’s Special Offer. This offer expires the end of June, the specific > date is not determined. You’ll find lot’s of information a” >

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