Q&A Time Again! ~ Questions from Blog Readers (video)

This video contains questions posted by my blog readers at Magickal Connections. It consists of some pretty desperate personal situations along with how-to questions when it comes to some of the spells at my online Book of Shadows.

Please be respectful in the comments. There are a lot of people out there going through some very rough times. I know that sometimes it’s difficult to be objective, but that’s what I try very hard to do with each individual that submits a comment at my blog, website, or YouTube channel. With that said, note that I do not hesitate to give sound (sometimes difficult to listen to) mundane advice, especially when personal problems or issues are coming up due to poor decisions and life choices. We also have to realize that these brief comments don’t give us all the facts, and they come from unknown and unsubstantiated sources.

To my readers who posted these questions ~ I hope that you were able to find some help here, along with a little inspiration and encouragement!  I wish you all the best on both your magickal and your mundane adventures.



1 thought on “Q&A Time Again! ~ Questions from Blog Readers (video)

  1. Hey! Sorry to hear that all. That is disturbing. If anyone is reading this it might be because she practices Voodoo Hoodoo and Yoodoo. I hate to say that, because I believe anything can be misused or used to do good. As long as it does not harm anyone. I encourage you all to use your intuition. If you get a warning consuder the source. Anyway I rush everyone bright blessings!!! 💜 Also I am starting to connect to angel energies, but I belueve all Gods Goddessses and deities are one. Therefore, it does not so much matter to me. I hope this resonates with someone. Both angels and fairies gave wings. They are different, just as two love Hoddesses are. However, they get you to the same place.

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