Zodiac Tarot Insights ~ Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, & Leo

TIME STAMPS: Taurus/00:41; Gemini/18:05; Cancer/28:46; Leo/45:04

These are general readings for an energy, not an individual. If you’d like a personal reading with me, geared specifically to you, book a reading at, The Tarot Parlour ~





4 thoughts on “Zodiac Tarot Insights ~ Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, & Leo

        • These are both excellent suggestions, especially the idea of an online video “how-to” for oils. Actually, I use to have an online coven for quite a while. It was called “Bristolwicks”, it was an all female coven, and it never grew beyond my allotted 13 members. We had our own website (social site), and everyone had their own page, and it was really cool and beautiful. I had members from all across the US, and one based in Europe with the military for a while. When it was good, it was very good; and when I wasn’t working but was home full time, I could devote the time and energy to it to keep it up and interesting and worthwhile. We met at my house one year for a Beltane celebration, and we’ve done rituals in tandem (across numerous time zones), and then we connected on Skype for the amazing “after” energy! But when this coven of women started to go down-hill, mostly from the effects of one bad apple, it deteriorated at a remarkable rate, became incredibly nasty, back-stabbing, and a monumental disappointment.

          My experience with this group of women and the direction it took, are one of the reasons that a lot of my book, The Spiritual Feminist, highlights the idea of women building each other up instead of women tearing each other down. My experience with the dissolution of this coven, as well as the tattered friendships left in it’s wake, totally turned me against working with a group. I have retreated to my solitary practice, venturing into the public arena with books, my websites and blogs, and my work with the tarot. Also, I’m working now out in the work-force, commuting 80 miles a day, trying to finish a 6th book, and with a large home to take care of, mostly by myself. I don’t have the time or energy anymore for extracurricular activities.

          It’s very sweet of you to make this suggestion, and I appreciate your enthusiasm and your wonderful positive energy! I’ll think about planning some “How-to” videos in the future!


          This is a remnant of what is left from one of Bistolwicks’ sites:

          And these are a couple blog posts that were inspired by the fiasco that came, along with the shocking termination of friendships, most for no apparent reason and with no explanation:



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