Today’s Tarot Cards ~ Is this your story?

  • A card for today ~ 6/swords (reversed)… 

You left something behind, now you want to go back and pick it up. Going back and expecting life to pick up where you so abruptly left off is unrealistic. It’s kind of like Pet Cemetery, when you attempt to bring something back to life, it’s never quite the same, and it’s usually f**ked up.

A card for today ~ 3/wands…
Waiting for your ship to come in? How long do you plan to stand in this stagnant state and wait? How long? I feel that someone has mistakenly put all their eggs in one basket, and it’s not working out the way you expected. Now what? Do you have an alternate plan? Did you even consider that you’d need one?

  • A card for today ~ Queen/wands (reversed)…

You’re slipping. You thought you had a handle on it. You thought you had maintained the control you need to feel secure. But you’re losing your grip. For some of us, this card heralds a new phase of life that might take us by surprise more than once, but this won’t necessarily be a bad thing. For others, it’s all about the control, without it, you lose your identity.




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