Two Readings ~ everything from “double devils” to serious isolation

This reading started off as someone just getting in their own way, disrupting their ability to manifest those things in life they desire. At the end, with the last batch of cards, came the dawning realization that this was something much more serious. If you recognize yourself in this reading, please ask someone for help; if you recognize someone else in this video, please check on them.

You may be having a problem manifesting something into your life. The possibilities for success and wish-fulfilment are there, clearly, but you’re going to have to literally overcome one set of obsessions or addictions for another in order to reach your goals.

If these videos resonate with you be sure to Like and Subscribe at YouTube. I also welcome comments and feedback. At this point, I have no idea if my videos are successfully reaching viewers, or if my readings resonate with people. As much as I love doing these readings, they are a lot of work to film and to edit. I’m seriously considering shutting down shop and finding another outlet for my creative ventures. My YouTube channels are not monetized, I create these readings for the public for free. I hope that you take away something from these general tarot readings or that you were at least entertained, and I sincerely hope that we’ve made a good tarot connection… until next time, Amythyst


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