The Spirits Speak ~ Find your voice, change your life

  • (Strength; King/cups — reversed; 8/wands — reversed; Queen/wands; extra cards — Queen/swords; The Devil)

You may need a bit of strength to have a difficult, but long over-due, conversation with a manipulative and rather daunting individual. Good luck making your point, this will require some eloquent persistence, but even then, you may feel that you’re beating your head against the wall, and you may feel that you are not succeeding in making your point.

The thing is, although the individual you’re trying to get through to may be too dense to get it, the effect of voicing your opinions, your feelings, your ultimatums, your truths, your concerns, and your solutions is going to be an unexpected cathartic experience that finally allows you to move on from this individual and the situation they represent. It will be an internal cleansing you may not even have realized you needed.

If this manipulative and controlling individual held any sway over you, they will lose this magical hold once you have found your voice and your courage.

Embrace the new you… and your new-found voice.


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