The Wall May Be Coming Down

The tarot deck, Green Witch Tarot, has been requested for our reading today. 

(7/wands; King/chalices; Queen/wands — reversed)

This king and queen are wary of each other, probably in opposition at one time, as though there’s been a lot of water under the bridge. The barriers and boundaries that were put up in the past, for protection and self-preservation, may be slowly dismantled now.

Extra cards: (All reversed: Ace/pentacles; 4/chalices; 3/athames; 2/pentacles)  

One of you will step forward with an offer, an apology, or a unique opportunity, which will be a surprise.  But the question is, will this contact out-of-the-blue be accepted?  There may be some trepidation and hesitation at the sudden appearance and peace offering, probably with good cause.  There was heartache, betrayal, and estrangement here and once, long ago, choices were made.


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