Boogey On Down Your Path

Housewives Tarot Deck was requested for this reading.

  • (4/swords; 3/swords; 5/cups; The Fool)

It looks like there’s been one too many “forks in the cake”, and what a pretty scrumptious cake it looks, but there are times when sharing is frowned upon.  This is one of them. The three of swords unabashedly proclaims three-way relationships that usually result in expected ramifications.  In this case, you’ve had your time to mourn a loss, lick the wounds of betrayal, and put a pox upon a liar.  But now it’s time to let all that go.

Take a deep breath… 

Now it’s time to focus on yourself, your inward spiritual self, your centered mental self, and the glorious physical self that encompasses it all.  Grab your knapsack and head to the spa, the hairstylist, your favorite clothing store.  Buy new makeup, buy new shoes, and get to marching down that new path with purpose, your path, a direction that you’ve chosen for yourself.  Embrace determination and intent with a healthy dose of ego.  Yes, to paraphrase a makeup commercial, “You’re worth it.”

All of this positive action, intention, and thought will manifest something new and fascinating.  It will put before you an opportunity, or an individual, that will be quite a surprise.  Own it.


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