Caught in the Middle With You

The Deck: The Seer’s Tarot
(King/wands; 8/pentacles; Queen/swords — reversed; The Moon; 6/cups)

I’m seeing two scenarios here:

  • First, the words from an old song I vaguely recall is running through my mind — “Caught in the middle with you…”

As this King and Queen are working on their connection, their relationship, and their life, an unseen third party is quietly going on with their existence between them, in the middle.  She seems oblivious, untroubled even, intent on her work, her daily tasks.

  • Second, there is a lot of quiet, in the background work going on between this King and Queen.  There is the feeling of opposition between them right now, maybe a lot, maybe only enough to irritate the connection.  But they’re working on it.  

This could refer to fixing an existing relationship, reconnecting an old relationship, or being involved in an extracurricular relationship… that sounds odd, but that best describes it.

The Moon is so beautiful and so exquisitely problematic.  It so often exposes lies, and deception, and secrets hidden in the shadows, those dark corners of our mind and our life.  The problem with secrets, other than they represent something that must be pretty undesirable if someone doesn’t want them known, is that there is always the possibility of exposure, sooner or later.

With today’s cards, the 6 of cups shows us that there is a strong link here to someone’s past, whether memories, people, relationships, or regrets.  Maybe a sad combination of all.

My prediction… when the secrets are exposed, the couple will be successful in healing their connection.  But for the individual caught in the middle… how does the rest of that song go?


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